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Aso Nigeria Beauty Pageant Is Promoting Cultural Heritage,Tourism



Desmond Agboola, CEO Aso Nigeria and multimedia is the organiser of Queen of Aso Nigeria and Aso annual empowerment summit. In this interview with STELLAMARIES AMUWA, he speaks on pageantry and other sundry issues.

What is your typical day like as a business man?

My typical day is a busy one. I have to attend lot of meetings and events as well as combine  that with other office work and brainstorming with my staff.

Tell us about your organisation

I’m the CEO of Aso Multi Media Ltd, an advertising and event management company with Headquarters in Abuja. The Convener of the Aso Annual Lecture and Awards. I am also the organiser of the prestigious Queen of Aso Nigeria. The company has been in existence for 13years and we have been able to create lots of impact in the society. I actually started off as a member of Nigeria children parliament and from there, I moved on to start Aso Nigeria Beauty Pageant to promote the cultural heritage and tourism value of Nigeria and also, we organise national youth empowerment which comes up every year in Abuja. Young Nigerians come from various states to participate where we orientate and let them know how they need to function well and be self-independent. And at the same time, how they can be an entrepreneur and develop their entrepreneurship brashness. So far, so good, we have been successful in the Queen of Aso Nigeria Beauty Pageant, which we celebrated its 13-year anniversary this year.

What are the values you uphold in your line of business?

I believe for anyone to be a successful business man or woman, you have to do your work excellently well and be more innovative.

What are your goals?

My goals are to achieve a lot in life and to be able to give back to my environment, most especially the less privileged.

How do you balance work, family, faith and leisure?

Well that’s hard to balance, work and family and leisure. I like to work hard, play hard and still  find time with family, that’s the only thing I like to do. I combine both, but what we are doing now right is actually Aso annual lecture 2018, it’s a different aspect, both the summit and the pageant. This one actually came up last year where we talked about having a series, where we discuss various themes every year. We talked about development of Nigeria and we picked up the youth participation. Here, we lecture youth on how they can participate in the electioneering system or process and that is why we came up with this idea. We have been working on this for close to about two or three months to bring out our entries, a lot of youth have registered from various states in Nigeria, it’s a free for all, we have almost about 3000 youth that are ready to participate at this year’s summit. They are interested with the theme of the lecture, “Youth Participation In The Electioneering Process In Nigeria” and they want to participate, because you see that a lot of youth are participating in politics these days, even in the entertainment industry and other sectors where people are coming up, they believe that it is time for youths to participate fully and take over the government from the older generations.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by a lot of things. Good people around and the world we live in, those are the places I get my inspiration from. Actually, I have the passion to develop youth in Nigeria which constitutes a greater percentage of the country’s population. Youth constitute about 60 per cent of the population and also contribute more percentage to the economy. For instance, look at the entertainment industry, the business world, technology and other area you see youth doing well in all these areas and I believe that I can give back to the country and give back to the youth of Nigeria by developing their skills. Making them believe that they can be self-independent and at the same time be an entrepreneur without waiting for a white collaboration

What challenges have you had to deal with?

So much challenges from funding of events to strategies and all. It’s a lot but with God and our belief in the course, we are always on top.

This is the second edition of the Aso annual lecture, it is a one-day event and we are actually collaborating with the Independent National Electoral Commission and some other bodies as well, like the National Orientation Agency and some other stakeholders as well. We expect so many speakers to talk to the youth on how they can participate, either actively or in the background by supporting the political party that have the manifesto of what you believe in and all that. We have various speakers like the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Professor Mamudia Yakubu, who is one of the speakers and Barrister Mike Ozekome.  Mr Dayo Israel is a young advocate that will talk about how youth can see themselves as leaders of tomorrow so we have various topics, we have media aspect.

What advice would you give to other CEOs?

I would like to advise every CEO to be unique and as well, believe in God who helps and also be smart and be diligent in their works, surely success will come, it’s a matter of time.

What advice would you give to youths who aspire to be on their own someday?

My advise to every youth is to aspire to become great because if you don’t aspire, it will be hard for you to achieve it. So, aspire and believe in your dreams and don’t ever give up as the breakthrough is just a minute away.




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