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Shaffy Bello: Excellent Actress



Not everybody knows that Nollywood’s Shaffy Bello had a stint in music back in the 90s. The gorgeous actress has since made up her mind as to which show business she wants to be fully known for and we are so glad she chose to act.

Outstanding Shaffy Bello first came to limelight when she serenaded the country with her voice in the hit song, ‘Love Me Jeje,’ featuring her cousin, Seyi Sodimu, in 1997.

Just as quick as she fascinated Nigerian music lover’s at the time, Bello soon went off the entertainment radar, to the dismay of many. Fast forward a few years later, and a more matured but ever gorgeous Bello was back on our screens as an amazing actress instead of the sexy retro siren we saw in the ‘Love Me Jeje’ video.

Though Nigerian cum African movie lovers wanted to hold back their approval and love just in case it was a tease repeat of the 90s disappearing act, the amazing acting prowess of the screen diva made their intentions impossible to see through. In no time at all, Bello had morphed into a sought-after actress and become the darling of movie lovers globally, with a teaming fan base numbering millions.

Her style from the 90s till now, is one that has earned her major followings across the globe. In an age where matured women on screen tend to dress down, Bello and her style team seem to get the balance between age-appropriate and vogue right with every outfit.

A lot of the multi-nominated ‘Battleground’ actress is still unknown because she holds her privacy very dear. What we know is that after that she and her cousin released that song in the 90s, she went on tour where she did a gospel album at the Redeem Christian Church, travelling to USA and England. Her love for music and passion for the things of God kept her in the church choir and as a worker for 14 years.

She moved the United States of America in 1987 where she completed her education, married and had her two children. She returned to Nigeria in 2009, yielding to her acting passions but still living in the states with her family.

Her first major film was Saidi Balogun’s award winning movie, ‘Eti Keta,’ a Yoruba film. Her TV career includes recurring roles in TV series ‘Tinsel’ as Joanne Lawson, ‘Taste of Love,’ where she plays Adesua, and Femi Odugbemi’s ‘Battleground.’ So far, Bello has featured in several Yoruba and English language films and TV series.

Bello has been married for 25 years and share two children with her husband. She once revealed in an interview that she is thankful for not coming into the industry at a young age because she feels like she might have divorced her husband due to immaturity issues. She opined that she would never trade her marital bliss for the world and insists that a woman who knows her value or worth, would not be swelled by vain complements or any amount of money.

The lovely actress reveals that her beauty elixir is watching what she eats, drinking lots of water and exercising. She believes that the biggest part of looking good is being confident as well as having God in your life so that you can enjoy peace. Then keeping your circle of friendship very small and never letting go of your few good old friends also help.




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