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Bauchi APC And The Conspiracy Of Silence



Seeking elective position should at first be one’s aspiration, followed by the willingness of the electorates to vote for one. The successful fusion of these two is what forms a desirable political destiny.

As faithfuls, we should and must believe that it is only through God’s permission that one can at the end get their fingers on power and leadership positions. The Almighty bequeaths power to whom He wishes and at the very time He so wishes.

Indeed, all other human factors and attributes becomes secondary in determining who gets what and when and therefore, being extremely desperate in the quest for leadership position or fighting against what God has destined to happen is not wisdom. It can only be out of sheer ignorance or some sign of parti pris and prejudice that anyone would fight against what God has decreed. 

It is quite frightening how some disgruntled political elements within the All Progressive Congress in Bauchi State were so much in desperation to lead the good people of the state by all means, including crude, duplicitous and downright illegal means. These power mongers are so desperate in their quest to impose themselves on us despite their failing and/or nonexistent popularity.

It is sad that some minorities masquerading as APC stakeholders in Bauchi State have been covertly and overtly scheming against the administration of Governor Muhammed Abdullahi Abubakar. They are running up and down as though they have the state as their personal estate and more deceptively still as though they are doing it for the common man.

However, history, particularly their own history, has taught us to know better that, the frenzy and desperation with which they prosecute their inordinate ambition may be far from godly. We the people of Bauchi are alert. The likelihood of an ulterior motive keeps us more strongly attached to the man that we know and trust. We leave nothing to chance as far as it bothers on the interest of the people of our dear state.

In fact, before one ventures into the murky waters of politics, such individual should know that democracy is a process. As noted earlier, as good advocates of the system, we watch and study people’s antecedents when even before they come seeking our mandates.

Governor Abubakar has secured the APC governorship ticket in 2015 and his pedigree and undented track record gave him an edge over other contenders.

As the records justified him, he overwhelmingly won the Governorship election against the strong power of incumbency of the then ruling PDP government in the state.

Why then the ire?

It was not the game as usual. The Bauchi State treasury is secured and could not be devoured by the under-skin stakeholders and penny-pinching politicians. The prudent and transparent leadership of Governor Abubakar drove them really crazy. They now feel implacably disenchanted. Yes, they have congregated against his administration to the extent of conniving with the opposition and contesting the party primaries with him.

Indeed, they have insisted for direct primaries in Bauchi State, yet, he defeated them with a wide margin to emerge as party flagbearer for 2019. As desperate as they have now become, they have now devised a spurious and ridiculously cheap attack. The people’s governor is now being called a non-indigene at an iniquitious press conference held in faraway Abuja. Spot the irony; Abuja and not Bauchi. You ask why.

Before joining politics, Governor Abubakar joined the Bauchi State civil service with state ministry of justice as far back as 1978 barely two years after the state was created. He was in the Bauchi State House of Assembly during the Tatari Ali’s regime as head of legal drafting, Yankari Game Reserves, Director Civil Ligation, and later Ag Director Public Prosecution before he was appointed Commissioner of Justice and Attorney General of the state twice before he retired and joined politics.

Indeed, the APC and Presidency must nip this constitutional heresy in the bud before it gets out of hand as no amount of pressure and campaigns of calumny would make the teeming and resolute supporters and the good people of Bauchi surrender the state to political wayward.

They have joined forces with the governor’s traducers thereby creating unprecedented levels of division and disunity within the Bauchi APC and emboldening the PDP to mount a challenge to the APC in the 2019 polls. Thankfully, the election is to be decided by we the people of the state. We are the ones who can choose who we want as our leaders and certainly not a gang of few selfish individuals whose deep-seated envy for the achievements of M. A. Abubakar is at the most absurd levels.

The people are resolute. Whether they be within the party as saboteurs or in the opposition PDP, there is a decisive commitment to humiliate the enemies of Bauchi through the powers of the ballot.

– Kumar wrote in from Bauchi State.





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