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Group Urges Nigerian Youths To Embrace Agric



A Non-governmental Organization, Civil Society for Ethics And Value Development Initiative (CSEVDI), has urged Nigerian youths especially those seeking for white cola jobs to seek alternative in embracing agriculture as the only ways of getting job without any stress and engage employee into the business as it was strived.

The Ogun state chapter Coordinator of the NGO, Mr. Abayomi Bajela made this submission at the workshop on developing right ethics in agriculture with the theme ‘Ethical Change In Agriculture For Improved Economic Value’, held at Simeon Adebo Library, Abeokuta, the state capital.

He said Nigerians were living in the means of plenty but lack everything due to non-challant attitude towards farming and total neglecting of farming sector in the country, stressing the need to re-arrange the values of agricultural sector and key into it by the youths instead of roaming the street and looking white cola job that was not sufficient.

“We need to change our ethics and re-arrange our values on agriculture, this will be a great and appreciate by the people. Instead of looking into our land lying values and overgrown by weeds, but we need to expose our land for agricultural value and avoid thriving by mosquitos and weeds for germination”, Bajela said.

He added that agriculture was a key value in enhancing Nigerian youths potential when keying into it, noting that it generate more economical productive when there was a shortage of employment generation by government and it would create window opportunities for the teeming youths in the country if they were really ready to key into farming.

In his presentation, the CSEVDI Secretary-General, Mr. Tajudeen Toyun-Oke, said the production, transformation and distribution of food and agricultural products were generally accepted as routine aspects of daily life around the world, noting that such activities have rarely been addressed with the realm of ethics and values.

He said globally agriculture was confronted with huge problems, such as hunger, under nutrition, causing blindness and marasmus due to non-applying and complying with core ethics and values involved in agricultural sector which brought about retrogressive on nation’s agricultural development.

In the same vein, the state director Of Fisheries, Mr. Ajayi Adekunle Obafemi said agriculture was being viewed by majority of people, especially youths as a business of rural areas, as well as a business of uneducated people because of the challenges been facing and still facing in their farm production.



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