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Trajectory Of Local Contents In NDDC



It is not always that we see integrity, brilliance, capacity and performance all residing at the same time in one person, both in the public and private sectors of our economy.  This rarity in our land speaks volumes about our distorted value system as a nation and the criminal acquiescence in the “business-as-usual” syndrome that has become a directive principle of state policy.

That sad narrative has continued to project our commonality and national consciousness as compromised. We therefore communally approbate any government that resorts to verbal exhortations about doing things differently; only to end up as one of the same tragic scenario.    

While it has always been tough to throw down the gauntlet to public officials on the question of fairness, honesty, accountability, probity, loyalty and love of country, which are sine qua non for purposeful national development, the gravitas of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration in those spheres has rubbed off positively on the federal government’s administrative infrastructure.

The example of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is compelling. This is because an extraordinary “local content” expert in the person of Ajenakevwe Adjogbe, the executive director (Projects), has deployed the magnitude of his capacity in the conceptualisation and execution of critical projects by the Commission in the Niger Delta area.

It is important to celebrate and encourage Adjogbe’s “local content” initiatives in appreciation of the corpus of patriotic Nigerians who passed through the mills at home, especially through our educational system, and became capacitated by the knowledge gained from there.

Adjogbe did not travel out of the country for his academic pursuits.These would, all along, in his work experience, make him an archetypical “local content” guru as he deployed his services in the operation of some multi national companies, including Chevron Nigeria Limited, and some Nigerian companies, before berthing in 2016 on the shoreline of the NDDC, a public sector engagement.

Adjogbe, no doubt, prepared himself for his private and public sector participation. He had put his nose to the grindstone, building up his mental capacity for the practical engineering experimentations.

There is no doubt that Adjogbe has a restless mind.  He is also enamoured of adventurism in quest for innate and profound self fulfilment.

Since his appointment in 2016, he has remained committed to equitable conceptualisation and execution of NDDC projects in the member states of the Commission.

Working in harmony with the leadership of the Commission, Adjogbe is strategically poised to deliver.  The Commission is lucky to have a rounded professional, a round peg in a round hole, to tend to its projects conceptualisation and execution section. Adjogbe has the distinction of having worked in terrains that are similar to the current one.  It is a matter of interpolating the body of experience gained to positively affect the ongoing exertions.    

Overall, the most significant thing in the Adjogbe work trajectory is not the calibre of places he had worked.

The news is that the NDDC has in its project conceptualisation and execution administrative infrastructure a brilliant, honest and capacitated man who can break the glass ceiling and whose limit is the sky.

Further validations: At various intersections, he had attended and made several project management presentations at both international and local conferences. Notable presentations were on the Community Involvement in the Delivering of Industry Leading Projects – Houston, Texas, USA in 2011 and Succeeding with Marginal Contractors in Niger Delta Region – Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria in 2013. He was an instructor in the Project Execution Fundamentals and Empowerment for Job Creation courses, among others, at the Delta State University, Oleh Campus, organised by the Facilities Engineering Human Capital Development Initiative (FUHCADI) of Chevron Nigeria Limited in 2012 and 2013.

Some of the icings on the cake were his attendance of several training programmes in project and construction management. Then wait for this: he has the capacity for negotiation; he is a renowned tactful negotiator, cost management leader, project risks manager, work-place manager, an author, a researcher, an instructor and a grassroots representation crusader.

It is a matter of record that Adjogbe had facilitated several best practices and value improving practices workshops in the oil and gas industry. He was, indeed, until his appointment into the NDDC, a senior engineer with Chevron Nigeria Limited, where he received several job performance recognitions and awards.

–Adeyinka wrote in from Abuja