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Porsche Enters Electric Era With New Taycan



Leading Sports car manufacturer, Porsche has gone into six billion euros investments as part of its commitment to electric mobility.

So far, Porsche is undergoing a process of major change and once again reaffirming its ability to safeguard its future through a recent foray into the electric era with new Taycan.

Commenting on their plans, Lutz Meschke, deputy chairman of the executive board and member of the board responsible for finance and IT at Porsche said, “We predict that over 50 per cent of Porsche models delivered from 2025 will be electrified.”

According to Meschke, this would boost substantial investments in fields such as development and production, as well as staff training, adding that despite this, the target profit margin of at least 15 per cent remains unchanged.

“In addition to efficient processes, the revenue from digital products and services

should also increasingly contribute to our economic success,” Meschke said.

One example of an efficient approach is the new Taycan production and assembly

facilities currently being built as a “factory within a factory” at the main plant in Zuffenhausen.

This development signals Porsche’s move away from the traditional principle of an assembly line.

Albrecht Reimold, member of the executive board responsible for production and logistics also said, “By applying flexi-line production, Porsche will become the first vehicle manufacturer to use driverless transport systems in a continuous series production process.”

He said this would “enable the sports car brand to combine the advantages of the traditional principle of continuous production with the flexibility of versatile assembly. It will also allow the number of work cycles to be increased using the same amount of space.”

Following the concept of “smart, green,

lean,” Porsche is also pursuing resource-friendly production. The Taycan production process is carbon neutral, with the future goal in production being to establish a complete zero-impact factory, a factory with no environmental impact.

Andreas Haffner, member of the executive board responsible for HR and social affairs said that “the introduction of the Taycan is generating 1,200 new jobs in Zuffenhausen.

“The Taycan is one of biggest creators of jobs in the history of Porsche. Not all of these new employees will be producing the Taycan; they will also build two-door sports cars. Porsche’s aim for the Taycan is to create a team with a healthy mix of experienced sports car manufacturers and new staff.”

This development would also see a large-scale training initiative take place in a specially created production hall built on the training centre premises in Zuffenhausen.

A digital learning platform, which contains over 1,400 training units on issues related to digital transformation and allows users to study independently and according to their needs, will also be available for the entire workforce as they join Porsche on its journey into the electric and digital era.

With a capacity of up to 22kW, Porsche Mobile Charger Connect is a quick, convenient way to charge the Taycan at home overnight. It can also be charged using inductive technology.



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