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2019: Apa/Agatu Urged To Vote For Competency



The electorates of Apa/Agatu federal constituency in Benue state have been urged to vote for candidates whose credibility and leadership vision is not in doubt in the forth coming general elections.
Making the appeal yesterday, a community mobilzer, comrade, Adikwu Samuel Ebo said 2019 should not be about party rather individuals, hence according to him,  some failed politicians have used their ill-gotten wealth to buy over their party’s slots.
According to him, the people of Apa/Agatu have been very unfortunate in the last 3 and half years hence their representative was not in touch with them even while passing through perilous moments.
“I have to take a deep breath on  the plight of Apa/Agatu federal constituency.
How long are we going to keep quiet and fold our hands for political impostors that views nothing apart from their personal interest?
“These gladiators are interested in turning us against ourselves and allowed us to wallow in penury and reproach.
“Apa/Agatu federal House of Representatives is occupied by an inaccessible candidate who has caused so much retrogression in our community.
“A candidate who has up to twenty inaccessible telephone lines.
Someone who lack the political capacity, dexterity to draw meaningful development to our community. But still,
 due to party affiliation, the same candidate is still imposed on us to continue impoverishing our constituency irrespective of our intelligence, hardworking and moral outstanding”.
While calling on all and sundry never to allow same mistake repeat itself again, Adikwu appealed to the constituents to vote for politicians with track records, competency and integrity devoid of political affiliation.
“If not, posterity will not forgives us,our
 generation and the ones yet unborn will experience this bad leadership if it’s not address on time.
“The constituency needs effective and efficient Representatives both at state and national Assembly”.


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