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Twitter CEO “Jack Dorsey” Upsets Hindu Nationalists During Visit



Twitter CEO “Jack Dorsey”

Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey, has upset Hindu nationalists in India by posing for a picture with a placard reading: “Smash Brahminical patriarchy”

A leading policy officer for the company apologised to users, and told them neither Twitter nor Dorsey endorsed the sign’s message that the oppression of the Hindu caste system must be dismantled alongside male dominance.

That, in turn, has angered Indian activists who oppose patriarchy and the caste system.

Dorsey has been touring India, one of Twitter’s fastest growing markets, meeting figures including the prime minister, Narendra Modi, and the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

Last weekend, the Twitter chief met a group of journalists, writers and activists in Delhi to hear about their experiences on the website and app, which has been criticised for facilitating the abuse and harassment of prominent Indian women.

Among the attendees to the off-the-record event was an activist belonging to the Dalit, a formerly “untouchable” caste that occupies the bottom rung of the intricate system that still determines the shape of most Hindu lives.

The Guardian understands the activist gave Dorsey the sign at the beginning of the closed-door session, and that he was still holding it at the end when the photograph was taken.

It sparked anger among some Brahmins, who have been regarded as the highest caste, as well as from Hindu nationalists, who seek to downplay the religion’s fissures and unite adherents under a single cultural and political umbrella.

Among the critics were senior journalists and business people, as well as prominent figures on the Hindu right.




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