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Activist Warns Against Proposed Amendment Of FRSC Act



An Abuja-based social activist/executive director, Accident Prevention and Rescue Initiative (APRI), Prince Fidelis Nnadi, has warned against the proposed amendment to the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), which he described as a usurpation of states functions.

LEADERSHIP gathered that an amendment bill is now before the national assembly to change the present Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to Nigerian Road Safety Commission (NRSC).

Nnadi noted that a federal agency, such as the FRSC cannot usurp the functions of the states, while the revenues accruing to the states should also not be captured by a federal agency.

“What matters are that the FRSC is a creation of the federal government and its operations should be limited to the powers of the federal government, because the federal government operates on matters that are of exclusive in the constitution, and then the concurrent can be exercise by both the states and the federal.”

He maintained that it is not the name that makes it difficult for FRSC to operate, neither is it by bearing the name Nigerian Road Safety commission that would improve the quality of their services.

“Matters that are not listed in constitution are regarded as a residual matters, and when you look at it you will discover that the issues of motor vehicles are all matters that cannot be listed in the constitution and as such they are residual matters.

And being a residual matter, it is an affair of the states. and because of that, the states have the power through their houses of assembly to make laws that have to do with the regulations and the operations of motor vehicles, which is captured as motor vehicles administration.

So if a federal agency is now coming to take over the functions of a state, in motor vehicles regulations, including revenue generation that would bring about a problem between the operatives.”



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