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World Commemorates 85th Anniversary Of ‘Holodomor’ 



On 24th November, the entire world will join the republic of Ukraine in commemorating ‘Holodomor, a day set aside to remember the execution by hunger (communist genocide) in Ukraine.
Holodomor, which the Soviet Authorities carried out in 1932-1933 in Ukraine, is considered to be one of the most devastating events of the twentieth century.
It was an artificial famine induced by the Communist regime in Ukraine, which resulted in genocide.
Holodomor is a term used to describe death or murder inflicted by starvation. It comes from two Ukrainian words: holod, meaning starvation or famine, and moryty, to inflict death.
Though, the Soviet Authorities concealed this act of genocide from the rest of the world for decades, the extent of death in Holodomor was revealed in archives in Moscow and Ukraine, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Ukrainians in the West had long maintained that millions, especially children, died as the result of a state-organized famine in 1932-1933.
Beyond state-induced famine, which led to genocide, countless numbers of Ukrainians were executed by firing squads, deported to Siberia, or sent to the Gulag.
In 1922-1933, millions of Ukrainians perished after being besieged by Soviet troops who confiscated not only bread, but anything edible from the Ukrainian households. In June of 1933 about 24 Ukrainians were dying every minute. Stalins design went much farther than simply suppressing protest movements.
Ukrainians had finally experienced the taste of freedom after centuries of Russian colonialism; hence their protests acquired not only economic dimension. The national liberation movement was not completely eliminated despite the Soviet occupation.
On the motive for Holodomor by the Soviet Authorities, a statement from the Ukrainian embassy in Abuja, explained that, almost a century ago, the Bolsheviks led Soviet government could not secure their victory and retain power over the vast Russian Empire without controlling Ukraine, the Communists government decided to consolidated overwhelming forces to destroy the newly independent Ukrainian Peoples Republic that emerged in 1918.
In 1998, the Decree of the President of Ukraine established the Holodomor Victims Day. It is observed every year on the fourth Saturday of November. On this day, as soon as it gets dark, Ukrainians light candles in their windows in memory of all those killed by famine.
In 2003, on the 70th Holodomor anniversary the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in its Resolution recognized this crime as genocide against the Ukrainian people. The same year, the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Congress issued a Resolution recognizing the Holodomor in Ukraine as an act of terror and mass killing targeted against the Ukrainian nation. In 2006, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law recognizing the Holodomor as genocide against the Ukrainian people. In November 2008, the National museum Holodomor victims memorial » was erected in Kyiv.




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