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Battle Of Wits Between Social Media Comedians Vs. Mainstream Comedians



It’s no longer news that comedians who rose to fame with the emergence of social media are speedily giving mainstream comedians a run for their money.

The competition has become stiffer as the mainstream comedians who pioneered stand-up comedy are having their works cut out against the comedians who suddenly made fame via social media.

According to talented actor and comedian, Philippe Yannick Iwuegbu better known with the stage name, Yannick Philippe, it now pays more to be a popular social media influencer.

He said, “As one who doubles as content creator, I am proud to say Nigerian comedy has taking over the industry in Africa. These days those of us that do comedy on social media, we are speedily taking over the mic from the stand-up comedians we grew up watching on TV. Few weeks ago, I watched an interview of Maraji, a popular internet comedian on TV where she talked about doing a couple skits and ads for brands and that she charges about N500,000 to 1 million Naira. This is very amazing because some years back it wasn’t possible but now it’s all changing up, which is a good development and I am happy for that, brighter future for all of us out there,” he said.

Continuing, Yannick encouraged all hands to be on deck to move this new found industry higher, especially brands who are out to reach their youthful target audience.

“Apparently, Internet comedians are winning now and most skits are recorded with simple smart phones. Any content creator who remains consistent will be very successful. This is an opportunity for brands and companies to use content creators, internet comedians to promote their services to the public.”

On his style of comedy, the Imo State born budding act disclosed: “I am not the type that dresses up in my mother’s gown or fight to win a huge audience but I am an actor/performer that creates very good contents as well as trying to position myself ahead of my peers with a unique unusual performance.”