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We’re Taking “Nothing Pass God” To Next Level – Skala Wee



Njuka Wellington-Walter, popularly known as Skala Wee, is one of the most sought-after gospel musicians that is adored by everyone in Nigeria. The architect, whose hit single “Nothing Pass God” was a massive hit, is still evergreen. The gospel musician recently signed to an Abuja-based record label, Pharcyde Entertainment, also penned a two-year management deal with Samsong’s Boogie Down Concept. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, he speaks on his music, why he’s been out of the radar and other sundry issues.

What’s been happening with you since your last hit song “Nothing Pass God”?

I have been doing songs on a low key and also took some time off to get a degree in Architecture.

Wasn’t the music environment favourable for you then?

The music environment was very favourable for me. I had a record label then, which I was working with. My contract had expired; we had some issues and fell out. I had to wait for my contract to expire before I moved on to the next level. But during that time, I was still active in the industry. My songs were still making lots of waves and people were begging and calling me to come back and do something for them. It is a great feeling to be back bigger and better. I am here to praise Jesus Christ with my songs.

Now that you are back stronger, we heard you just signed a new record deal?

Yes I just signed to a new record label, Pharcyde Entertainment and recently penned a two-year management deal with Samsong’s Boogie Down Concept. We are working on a new album right now and in fact the album is ready and will drop anytime soon. We are promoting three singles from the album right now and one is featuring Samsong.

Comparing when you left the scene for your programme and now, what do you think has changed?

A lot has changed. When we started off, it wasn’t as lucrative as now. It is better now; people appreciate gospel music more now. Then, gospel music wasn’t considered as something important. The circular artistes were given more prominence than us. But right now, people are accepting Gospel music and are seeing what it means to praise God and worship him.

You have three promotional singles, could you shed more light on the songs?

We have Nothing Pass God remix with Samsong, we had a collabo on that. There is another one titled “Baba O” and Miracle God. They are very spiritual songs that would uplift the spirit and touch the soul of anyone who listens to them. My idea is to draw people closer to God in this time that the world is filled with evil.

Are there videos to back them up?

We are currently working on the videos and anytime from now, the videos of the songs we are promoting would be out.

What should people be expecting from these singles that are out?

I don’t want to say they should be expecting it to be more spiritual as if it hasn’t been spiritual all these years (Laughs). This time they should be expecting more grace of God. Good messages that would uplift their souls and also a great new sound. This time it is going to be more messages to the people and a sound people could relate with.

A lot of gospel artistes I have interacted with have said they haven’t been given as much publicity as they deserved, what do you think is the major challenge?

Yeah, there are lots of challenges. You have gospel musicians that aren’t paid same fees like other circular artistes then. You are called to come and perform, but instead of paying for your appearance they say, “do it for God nah.” But is has changed now. A lot of people pay a good amount to gospel musicians to come minister. Another challenge is acceptability. Whether you like it or not, the same competition you have in the circular scene is same with the Gospel. You don’t have a community where everyone could call their own. Most of the challenges come from promotion that would take you to the height you are aspiring to.

You are signed to a new record label now, so what informed your decision to sign with Pharcyde Entertainment?

The last record label I belonged to was all about money and not the musicians. They are just after making money and they got it. They made a huge income from “Nothing Pass God.” Immediately the money was made, they didn’t focus on making or promoting other good songs I had which also indirectly, made my music career to suffer. This time, I decided to pick a record label that is gospel inclined. A record label that would be ready to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and Pharcyde Entertainment was the embodiment of everything I needed. We have very good cordial working relationship and I hope and pray that we will take this music to the next level.

So what should your fans who have been craving to hear from you ever since be expecting from you?

They should believe that nothing pass God and should expect my Church Tour starting in Rivers State from December to January 31st, 2019. I will be embarking on others but this is just the beginning of better days ahead.



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