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Youth Empowerment Agricultural Revolution



Youth involvement in Agribusiness in a time like this in Nigeria is key to socio-economic development of the nation. There are series of agricultural activities where youths can get involved despite the fact that they may not have any background in agriculture. In doing this, there will be development of all communities, the society at large and the national economy, as a result incomes will be enhanced, it will as well bring about food security, employment and quality of life will be sustained.

However, there are many opportunities in agriculture in Nigeria. The opportunities are not just in owning a farm but also in the following business enterprises that buy from or sell to farmers. The transaction may involve either a product, a commodity or a service and encompasses items such as (a) productive resources e.g feed, seed, fertilizers equipment, energy, machinery etc. (b) agricultural commodities e.g food and fiber etc. (c) facilitative services e.g credit, insurance, Agro produce brokering, marketing, consultancy, storage, processing, transportation, packaging, distribution etc.

The above-mentioned opportunities cannot become reality without the real farming in the area of livestock farming, fish and poultry farming, crops, vegetable and cash crop production. With the introduction of Youth Empowerment Agric Revolution scheme, which is in line with federal government’s effort in the area of food security and youth empowerment in agricultural sector, farming is becoming attractive, interesting and harvest has increased up to 40 per cent to 80 per cent as a result of the use of Agric Zyme, an organic Liquid fertilizer in farming.

Opportunities Available In Youth Empowerment Agriculture Revolution Scheme

·    Being trained as an extension officer, who sells Agric Zyme organic fertilizer Liquid and input to farmers and educating them on how to use it appropriately for effective result under free style employment program that allows one to work from home at their convenience and earn good income which will boost food production.

·    Farming with Agro Zyme organic Liquid fertilizer for bumper harvest: Youths would be trained on how to use Agro Zyme organic liquid fertilizer to farm for a bumper harvest in different aspects of farming such as fishery, poultry, livestock, crops and vegetable farming etc.

·    Fattening of Live stock such as a cows, goat, pigs, sheep etc for meat production with Agro Zyme liquid feed will increase animal carcass, disease resistance and healthy meat which would translate into good income.

Government should play their role in encouraging farming among youths by dealing with the major challenges facing Agro-Allied business (herdsmen/farmers’ crisis, banditry and kidnapping) which has discouraged many youths to become Agricbusiness men in Nigeria. Agriculture is not just the future or alternative source of income to the nation but for food security, income opportunities to Nigerians and industrialisation of the nation through modern farming, processing and storage system.



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