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Tosin Bucknor: Lady With A Heart Of Gold



In this tribute, SAMUEL ABULUDE writes on the life and times of young broadcaster, Tosyn Buckno,r who died on Monday night.


n this part of the world, death is a mystery and often accompanied by a lot of emotions and wailings whether or not the dead had been a loved one.

For Oluwatosin Bucknor, aka, Tosyn, a radio broadcaster and popular On-air-personality (OAP), her death was a loss not only to the media and entertainment industry but to the nation at large. Tosyn was an epitome of a promising and vibrant young Nigerian. In her short but eventful life, she inspired thousands of young Nigerians with her positive mentality despite the personal pain she felt. She had sickle cell anaemia.

Like the heroin she has become, she fought to the end, last Monday, 19 November, she lost the battle to the ailment at age 37. She was found dead in her Lagos home by her husband Aurelien Boyer.

While the details of what transpired have not yet been revealed, her sister, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, confirmed that the loving ‘Area Mama’ died due to sickle cell complications.

In a post on Instagram, Funke wrote: “My heart is heavy but in all things we give thanks to God. My darling sister and besto, Tosyn, passed away last night due to complications from sickle cell. Love you.”

About 150,000 children are born with sickle cell disorder in Nigeria, annually.  Many die before they are five years old. Others live in pain with no hope of a cure. Tosyn was one of those that lived beyond the barrier and made impact in the hearts of her fans and listeners while she lived.

Since the news of her demise rent the air on Tuesday, Nigerians including celebs have joined the family in mourning the beloved Tosyn, who many have described as one who had a positive spirit that easily endeared her to people. The federal government joined in sending condolences to the family of the deceased.

In a press statement released by the federal government, the minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed described Bucknor’s death as a great loss to the Nigerian creative industry. He, however, stated that the family should find solace in the fact that she lived her rather short life making great impacts in people’s lives.

“Since the news of Tosyn’s death broke, there has been a widespread expression of sympathy for her family and an outpouring of accolades for her. There is no better indication that she made her mark while on this side of the great divide. This should be a source of consolation for Tosyn’s family during their most difficult time. I pray that God will grant repose to the soul of the departed and also give strength and comfort to her family. May her soul rest in peace,’’ the Minister said.

Her Sojourn

Tosyn was born on August 15, 1981 and was a law graduate of the University of Lagos. She began her sojourn into radio broadcast with popular Comedian, Tee A at Eko FM.

She was an intern at Cool FM where she hosted a programme on Saturdays titled ‘Fun Hour Show’. In 2009, after completing her youth service, she joined Top Radio where she established herself as the only female anchoring a morning show.

She will be remembered for her signature slang ‘Area Mama’. Tosyn was a radio presenter, singer, songwriter, writer and actress. She won numerous awards and featured in movies such as ‘Tinsel’, ‘Now We Are Married’ among others.

In her lifetime, Tosyn Bucknor was nominated for several awards, including Future Awards, ELOY Awards, and Best of Nollywood.

The movie “Dazzling Mirage” by Tunde Kelani x-rays the sickle cell anaemia and in some posts, Tosyn is being posted as one of the cast, making an appearance in the movie

“Dazzling Mirage”, a movie that resonates with Tosyn Bucknor’s life and times, is the story of a talented, beautiful young sickle-cell sufferer who overcomes social stigma, prejudice and her own low self-esteem, to achieve career success, marriage and motherhood.

‘’It is an interesting love story, because all of us are connected directly or indirectly to the sufferers of this ailment. I’m intrigued by the writer’s approach to weave a love story with it and that to me is an attraction. I have also had personal relationship with sufferers of this ailment and I consider it my responsibility to bring their story to fore,” says TK who is also touched by Tosyn Bucknor’s demise.

Tosyn out of her desire to give a leaning shoulder to victims of the sickle cell anaemia, started ‘These Genes Project’ to help people with the condition.

In November 2015, Tosyn and Aurélien Boyer had their traditional wedding, surrounded by family and friends in Lagos, followed by a white wedding in France.

Yours sincerely only met the purposeful and endearing Tosyn few times in her lifetime but was a fan of her early morning programme on Top Radio where she was mostly known by all. Her voice and innocence captivated. It dawned on me that Tosyn was also part of my alma mater, Nigeria Navy Secondary School at Navy town, Ojo in Lagos having heard before but never met her in school. Her sister, Funke, was my senior and relations, Lanre Bucknor was my classmate and housemate in boarding house. Therefore, hearing of her death was shocking to me and my secondary school colleagues. My heart goes to her husband, parents and family.

Things You Don’t Know About The Late OAP Tosyn Bucknor

1. She wanted to be an actress, singer and writer, before she stumbled into her career in radio

2. She was a lawyer.

3. She was the only female radio presenter in Nigeria who handled a morning show all by herself

4. She wasn’t just an OAP, she’s also a vlogger and blogger

5. She was born in a taxi while her mum was on her way to a friend’s place

6. She had sickle cell anaemia

7. She was married to a French man, Aurélien Boyer aka YoruFrench

8. Tosyn Bucknor was the mastermind behind One Mic Naija

9. She ran a podcast called “The Tosyn Bucknor Show”



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