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Research Centres Partner To Improve School Curriculum



The Nigerian Educational Research Development Council (NERDC) and the Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC) with support from Google have formally agreed and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to infuse online safety courses into the Nigerian school curriculum.

The memorandum of understanding which was signed on Thursday to formalise the mutual interaction and strengthen the relationship between the NERDC and PPDC at the strategic and working levels, focusing on the development of a stand-alone online safety curriculum as well as infusing it into the existing computer science course and other relevant courses.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, the executive secretary of NERDC, Professor Ismail Junaidu, highlighted the need for private and public partnerships and applauded the move made by PPDC and Google in ensuring that the Nigerian child gains knowledge on how to be responsible and safe in the online world.

“The Memorandum Of Understanding provides for continued strengthening of future cooperation between NERDC and PPDC in achieving common goals that would successfully achieve the adoption of online safety courses in the Nigerian school curriculum.

NERDC is an education sector institution that provides the building blocks for strategic educational planning, research and development; education quality assurance; policy formulation and implementation in Nigerian Education System while PPDC is a citizens sector organisation that seeks to promote increased citizens’ participation in governance.

Digital Inclusion and Safer Internet (DISI) is one of the core programs of PPDC that seeks to promote universal access to ICTs in a way that preserves the safety and freedom of the Internet. The program has two main activities, which are the Safer Internet Day and Web Rangers Program. Both activities promote the safe and responsible use of the Internet among young internet users as they explore, maximise and utilise all the benefits internet offers.