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Al-Makura @ 66: Beyond The Applause



Without any any iota of doubt, Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura is indeed the architect of modern Nasarawa state and as well a sage of our time. History of Nasarawa State can never be complete without mentioning Al-Makura’s name in positive light and when names of leaders in Nasarawa State are to be written Al-Makura‘s name will be in gold. He is indeed, a man who spent and is still spending all that he has, in terms of time and energy, to ensure the progress and development of his state.

Unlike governors that served before him, Governor Al-makura’s dream since he came on board always bother on Nasarawa State. He has no any other issues before him apart from issues of how to uplift the state. Sentiments apart, Al-Makura is the only governor, since  the creation of the state who pays little or no attention to his health and personal security in pursing the interest of the people of Nasarawa State. Without fear of being immodest, he stands out as shining example of a selfless leader; a leader who derives pleasures in making and pushing the people of his state to ecstatic mood. His desire and passion is to see Nasarawa State catch up with other states, in terms of human and capital development.

While some governors view the coffers of their respective states as their personal treasury to dip their hands into at will, Governor Al-makura sees the State resources as solely for advancing the conditions of the people, hence his focus on  infrastructural development. However, it is within this context that today we are witnessing solid, concrete infrastructures springing up all over our communities, geared towards uplifting the state to an enviable height.

It is no exaggeration to say  that all communities in the state have today benefited from one form of infrastructural development or the other in the last seven and half years of his administration.

Yes, it needs restating that since the advent of Al-Makura-led administration in 2011, there is no community that has not benefited from one infrastructural provision or the other. And I challenge anyone doubting this, to point at one community that has not benefited from one Al-Makura’s infrastructural facility or the other.

The success story of Governor Al-Makura led administration spanning across all the sectors of the state’s economy was at the root of all the encomiums pouring on him on his 66th birthday. In the last one week, the mainstream media, online as well as social media were soaked with goodwill messages for Al-Makura at 66.

One striking aspect in these gestures of appreciations was that the sponsors  of the goodwill messages highlighted one achievement or the other recorded in their respective communities by the Al-Makura led administration.

As he clocks 66 and barely six months to end of his tenure as  governor, we the good people of Nasarawa state must take stock of what the man did for us with regard to infrastructural development of our state with a view to exploring ways and means by which we can reward him.

Al-Makura deserves concrete support and cooperation from us to enable him move to the National Assembly. This is the only way we can pay him back. 

He has done a marvelous job to deserve our votes. Since we have seen his worth, we can not therefore afford not to push him to the National Assembly. Al-Makura’s efforts for our state must not be in vain. We must do everything humanly possible to ensure his light continues to shine in the state.

Yes, the man that had an opportunity to represent us at the Red Chamber now has done nothing to warrant our support, while Al-Makura’s achievements are everywhere. It therefore behoves on us to reciprocate. We have no reason not to support him; just as we also have no reason whatsoever not to give him our mandate. Celebrating Al-Makura at 66, can be meaningful and worthwhile only if we go beyond praises by working to ensure we elect him as Senator, Nasarawa South as well as all  APC candidates in the forthcoming general elections.

– Bala wrote from, Lafia



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