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Benue Indigenes Knock Akume Over Comments On Killings



Chairman, Senate Committee on Army, Senator George Akume, has come under intense fire over a statement credited to him that it is the Benue State government and not armed herdsmen that were responsible for the mass killings in the state.

Senator George Akume was said to have after leading an APC delegation to pay a solidarity visit to President Buhari last Friday granted a Press interview where he claimed that the Benue State government was behind the attacks by herdsmen in the state, which had consumed thousands of lives .

Reacting swiftly to the statement, the special adviser to the Benue State Governor on Media and ICT, Tahav Agerzua, described Akume as one of the greatest monumental failures of the current political dispensation with neither bills nor motions or any meaningful scorecard to justify his election for three times at the national assembly.

According to him, it was becoming obvious that the changing narrative on the Benue massacre as well as conquest and occupation agenda was the fabrication of Senator Akume who is also its chief marketer and promoter.

Agerzua, noted that the nationwide outrage that followed Akume’s irresponsible pronouncements accusing the Benue State government of sponsoring the genocide in the Benue Valley confirmed the view that he was the arrowhead of the internal sabotage network working against the interests of the people.

He wondered the kind of logic that existed in the Senator’s and his co-travellers’ worldview that a government popularly elected by the people for their protection and preservation will turn round to arrange the mass murder of the same people.

“Not even the open admission of responsibility for the killings by several Fulani groups including the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore and the Fulani Nationality Movement has persuaded the renegade Senator to tone down on his toxic rhetoric.

“In spite of this calculated action to intimidate the state government, we shall never relent with our voices, sweat and blood to stand as pillars in the defence of our people by going extra mile to ensure that our people live in peace, security and dignity.

“For those who see the misfortunes of our people as a window to curry personal favours, we wish to remind them that long after the temporary benefits they will get exhausted, and our dear state Benue shall remain and be governed by those freely chosen by our People,” he noted.

Similarly, former Senate President, Dr Iyorchia Ayu, in his reaction described the statements made by Senator Akume as unfortunate, irresponsible and embarrassing to the state, considering the position he occupies in the society.

Dr Ayu regretted that such a statement was coming from Senator Akume who as the Senate Committee chairman on Army has failed woefully to prevail on the federal government to end the killing of hundreds of innocent people in the state only to make such a spurious allegation.

Ayu expressed dismay over Akume’s comments, saying he would continue to support governor Samuel Ortom who has courageously stood firm in defence of human lives and property.

“It is high time the people of Benue speak with one voice against those who want to cause disaffection between them and the government of governor Samuel Ortom,” Ayu stated.

Also reacting to Akume’s allegation, secretary to the Benue State Government, Professor Anthony Ijohor, SAN, condemned the utterances and urged the people to be vigilant to resist at any level the Senator’s antics which he said have characterised his recent public outings both in the state and at the national level.

“It is unthinkable for a man like Akume who is from Benue to go public to allege that the Benue State government is responsible for the killing of its people.

“The implication of his unfortunate outing in Abuja is that we have a big problem on our hands. They are now changing the narrative to blame the victims,” Prof Ijohor stressed.



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