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Blockmoulders Pass Vote Of Confidence On Dangote Cement



The Block Moulders Association of Nigeria(BMAN) last weekend in Abuja passed a vote of confidence on Dangote new cement product, BlocMaster, describing it as the best, in terms of quality since the company’s since inception.

Chairman of the association in Suleja Niger State, Chief Patrick Markuche, said the new innovative cement from Dangote has helped improve his revenue as he was able to deliver cement to customers within few days of molding them.

He said he has personally tested the product, even in the rain and he was happy to highly recommend it to all and sundry. He also revealed that members of his association had passed a vote of confidence on Dangote Cement as a company and on BlockMaster as the best cement for block moulding and other building purposes.

“This is the best product from Dangote so far. We have tested it and we are very happy with the result gotten so far. Even in the rain, this cement is the best for the purpose,” he attested.

A major cement distributor, Alhaji Mukhtar Moriki of Albabelo Company said blockmakers now demand for more as they were able to deliver to their customers few days after moulding.

Dangote’s national sales and distribution director, Adeyemi Fajobi, said the new cement is a product of innovation.

“Our customers, and key distributors are happy because of the strength and quality of this product. It is also very affordable and it gives them far more yields than all other cements in the market.

“It is currently the highest grade of cement in Nigeria. It is by far the strongest cement, bagged in the Nigerian market,this cement is 50 per cent stronger after one day and up to 15 per cent stronger after 28 days when the cement finally sets, so that explains the excitement displayed by our retailers and key distributors across the country.”

Noting that there were other brands of cement, even from the company, the director, Route to the Market, Funmi Sanni, said the BlocMaster quality has been certified as the best by regulatory agencies in the country including the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON).



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