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Investors Pass Vote Of Confidence On Cooperative Managers



Investors and members of the Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society (NFGCS) have expressed optimism on the management of the cooperative, saying handlers of their investment have met more than expectations, igniting their confidence to increase their stakes in agro business under the platform.

The shareholders who made this known at body’s second annual general meeting (AGM) held in Gaate farm settlement, Nasarawa State, also commended the national coordinator, Comrade Retson Tedheke, for his commitment, show of patriotism and transparency.

Some of the key investors who expressed their opinions at the meetings noted that though that there were rooms for improvement to increase its membership base and financial strength, they would continue to render the necessary push to make the body one of the largest producers of agricultural products in Africa as projections are already showing.

“It is a success story and I am giving them my 100% support because they have done wonderfully well. They have superseded initial expectations, said Mr Danjuma Ali, a retired civil servant.

Muhammad Abdulahi one of the investors who also spoke during the meeting, expressed disbelieve, saying he was “impressed with what he saw on ground”. This is the biggest risk I have ever taken in life and I am glad I took.

“I came all the way from Lagos when I saw activities of the cooperative being advertised on various medium and I was overwhelmed with what I saw”, said Abdulahi who commended the management for the confidence they have been able to build in the hearts of subscribers.

Ejike Ndubisi, one of the investors who attended from Nnewi, commended the management for what he described as one the best management teams he has had encounter with.

“We have not seen this kind of cooperative anywhere in Nigeria. When I got the wind of information and I had to travel down to see things for myself and haven been convinced, I had to introduce other people to come take advantage of the opportunities in agro business.”

On his part, Wilson Goru said he did not regret his trip from Lagos, though he was skeptical to invest at the initial stage, the trust, determination to win on the part of the management and the success story from the previous year have all contributed.

Delegates and representatives of absentees subscribers who took their turn to speak said they were going back home to give good reports on what they witnessed having been availed the complete documents of the cooperative annual account statement.