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Judge Jerry’s New TV Show Continues As The Springer Show Ends



The New Judge Jerry Television Show kicks off in fall 2019 and will consist of daily half-hour episodes. This daytime show has been sold to 75 percent of national television groups, so chances are it’ll be available on one of your local network affiliates when it starts airing.

The TV personality Jerry Springer will slide behind the bench and hear real cases from very real people and render a verdict with a fair yet firm hand. According to TV guide magazine, “he’ll leave litigants with a dose of classic Springer wisdom like “until next time, take care of yourself and each other.”

“For the first time in my life, I am going to be called honorable,” Springer said in a statement. “My career is coming full circle and I finally get to put my law degree to use after all these years.” (Before becoming a talk show host, Springer was an attorney for 15 years and served as the mayor of Cincinnati for one year from 1977 to 1978.)