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Al-Makura Leads Northeast APC Reconciliation Team To Bauchi



In an attempt to resolve conflicts that erupted during the last  party primaries, the post Primaries Peace and Reconciliation Committee of the All Progressive Congress (APC) of the North eastern states,  led by Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa has commenced in earnest, a holistic process of reconciling  all aggrieved members.

The chairman of the committee, Al-Makura, who was in Bauchi yesterday to address the cases that erupted from Bauchi and Gombe states respectively, said the committee is in the state with a view to addressing and resolving all emergent issues after the party primaries and also to actualise effective reconciliation of all aggrieved parties.

While assuring all aggrieved aspirants of fair hearing and justice, he said the intention is to engage and interact with them with a view to promoting amicable resolution and better understanding within the APC family.

“I want to assure you that me and my colleagues we will discharge our duties with high sense of responsibility, without fear or favour, we will be just and fair by giving everyone of you a fair hearing, at the end of the day we will articulate all the views and positions put before us and make necessary recommendations to the progress of our great party.”

He said. Al-Makura said the reconciliation process is dear and important to the party because the party need the full support of its members in the north east to effectively execute its plan to retain political power in 2019.

“The party and president Muhammadu Buhari holds you, in Bauchi State, and the North east zone in very high esteem. We rely on your support to succeed.”

He said the committee which have only two weeks to submit its findings and recommendations is guided by the following terms of references: “To identify all areas of conflicts arising from the last primary elections, identify aggrieved groups or persons, to  proffer political solutions acceptable by majority of members and leaders in the giving states, generally restore confidence and renew commitment and trust among party members and groups by assuaging their feelings.”

He added that the committee would also look at any other decision not mention, which they feel suitable provided it is not in conflict with the constitution of the party.

He stressed that the committee would interact with only those that have locus standi so that it will be guided by the modus of the exercise.

He also revealed that the committee will not delve into issues that are before the courts to avoid contempt.

“For the fear of any contempt to legal processes  we will not go into issues before the courts, however we will assist in areas where they parties involve are willing to settle the issue out of court without trampling on anyone constitutional rights.”

Our correspondent reports that Gombe state has only one case before the committee, that of the Senate for Gombe South while Bauchi state has over 25 cases in different categories.



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