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How To Tackle Africa’s Challenges–Kufuor Kufuor



Former Ghanaian president, Mr. John Kufuor, yesterday suggested how African countries could surmount present challenges and ensure exciting future for the people of the continent.

Kufuor emphasised the ne

“Future leaders in the continent must be made to know that true governance will be brought about with respect for country and the people, respect for individuals and general humanity, which will make it possible for sustainable development to be achieved, while keeping corruption to barest minimum. Such leaders do not happen by chance”, he said.

He also said that African leaders should be guided by challenge of climate change to prevent against possible clashes, disruption of peace and ethno- religious wars etc, adding that they should also tackle other challenges of globalisation, youth unemployment and low infrastructural development.

As Nigeria holds general elections next year, President Kufuor advised that people must accept that democracy has come to stay in the country, saying that government should encourage participation by majority of the people.

“You’re the most populous country in the continent. Whatever you do here reflects on life and everything else on the African continent. So, my prayer is that the people of Nigeria will exercise their rights of choice in accordance with federal constitution to give themselves a sort of leader they desire. When they get such leader, they should ensure that checks and balances system of government, is respected by government and the media should be the watchdog when things go awry. And that should be done according to the law. Everything should be as decided or determined by the constitution”, he said.