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UCTH Debunks Allegation Of Babies’ Theft At Paediatric Ward



Chief medical director of University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH),Prof Thomas Agan, Tuesday refuted allegation of armed robbery attack in the hospital where babies and several valuables where carted away from the hospital’s paediatric department by the invaders.

Agan made the remarks while briefing journalists on the allegations following report of baby theft by some print and online media that babies and several valuables were carted away by robbers who invaded the hospital Sunday Night.

“The story is that there was an armed robbery attack in this hospital where valuables including three new born were carted away. I felt highly disturbed.

“I want to tell the world and indeed, everybody who is worth his profession that this is a blatant lie aimed at disparaging this hospital and indeed, the management of the hospital.

“The truth is that it has never happen, it did not happen and it will not happen. The CMD said that he agreed that there was security challenges nationwide but nothing of such happen in the teaching hospital.

“That somebody left some valuables and was taken; it does not mean that there was armed robbery attack.

“When I was called upon, I put a call to the head of Department, of paediatric to tell me whether this thing happens, whether I was dreaming or what?”

When asked if a thing like that has ever happen in the hospital, Agan said, “It has never happen.

“You have to tell the world because this type of journalism is not only inimical to the hospital, but to the entire country. We should not do this kind of a thing.

“I have been so sad since I woke up from sleep this morning.  I don’t know the source where these persons got this information.

“Again I will tell you that that report is a total false. Because if you talk of security, the department of state security service patrols here on regular basis.”

He further said that even though the security situation in the hospital might not have been up to expectation, no incidence of baby theft occurred in the hospital.



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