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45 Days After, Wife Of Missing Carpenter Seeks Help



Wife of 37 years old missing furniture-maker, Mr Sola Adegbayi James, Mrs Evelyn Adegbayi James, has urged the government to unravel the mystery behind her husband’s sudden disappearance.

Adegbayi, who hailed from Aiyetoro-Gbede in Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State, has been missing for about 45 days.

He left his residence, at Ansarudeen neighborhood, off Gauraka Junction, along Kaduna road, in the morning of Tuesday, 16th October, to make cabinets for one Mrs Amakor Divine Joyse, who lives at Galadimawa area of Abuja.

When our correspondent visited Adegbayi’s wife, Evelyn and her two-year-old daughters,  she (Evelyn) explained that all efforts to trace her husband’s whereabouts proved abortive.

According to Mrs Adegbayi, her husband called her at about 7:45 pm to inform her that he was on his way home. She, however, observed that her husband was in a very quiet environment, as she didn’t hear noise from people’s voices or honk of vehicles while the call lasted.

“On Tuesday 16th October, he said that he was going to finish some work at the residence of Mrs Amakor in Galadimawa. When he was leaving, he collected some ATM cards from me. At about 7:45 in the evening, he called to inform me that he was on his way back home. But what I imagine is that his location at the time he called wasn’t not noisy, as expected. I didn’t hear sound of vehicle engines or honks at the background. He informed me that he was yet to get a vehicle that I should leave my shop and go home.

“At about 9pm, when I was on my way home, I kept trying his number, the phone was already switched-off, initially I thought it was network problem, so I kept trying till 11pm and up till now,” she stated.

Evelyn Adegbayi, who said she could not trace Amakor’s residence, noted that she had reported the matter to several police stations.

“The next morning, on Wednesday, I went to meet my sister-in-law and with another relative, we went Galadimawa, to trace the residence where he went to work, but the estates were too many, so we couldn’t locate the actual place.

“We then decided to report the matter to the Police Station in Lugbe, and the officer in charge told us to come back in the next 24 hours, that was on Thursday, after 24 hours we went back there again, and they declared him missing. We also went to Gwarimpa police station and SARS office, they searched their detention facilities and their Parole cells, they didn’t find my husband there.”

Evelyn, who said she had never met Mrs Amakor, said her responses to her inquiry are not comforting.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate the residence where he went to work. Most times when I called the woman, her responses were cold towards me. And I also believe that if she doesn’t have anything against me and my missing husband, she ought to have located me, but I call her whenever I have to ask her questions.


“There was a day I called the woman at about 7am, to ask about the other man who works with my husband in her house, and she told me that the man’s name is Ali.  I also asked if there was a problem between  Ali and my husband and she said it was only a little argument, that she requested my husband to ask the man (Ali) if he had used up-to 20 pieces of boards for the furniture design, since he collected money for 20 boards. I don’t know the said Ali and I have never spoken to him before,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Mrs Amakor, via a telephone conversation with our correspondent confirmed that Mr Adegbayi was in her residence to work on the said day and had left her house at around 6pm.

“He had left my house around 6pm, he comes alone and I kept on asking him why he comes alone to work, at least he should come with someone who will hold tools for him. He said he has a boy but the boy is usually at his workshop. He never came with anyone since I knew him,” she stated.

Amakor, who said that she had not been questioned by the police over the matter, noted that she has pushed the family to pursue the investigation through a particular police station.

“I have not been questioned by the police, I was even the person pushing the family to report to a particular police station, and they said they have reported to about three to four stations, then I said we should pick one particular police station, not just reporting to all the police stations.


Amakor also disclosed that she is conducting personal investigations on the matter.


“I am doing my own personal investigation too, and each person I talk to, they always ask which police station the matter was reported to. If the matter was reported to a particular police station, there would be an IPO handling the case, and from there, we can now request the IPO to write a letter to the mobile telecommunication network service provider to ascertain the last call he made from his telephone and his location when the last call was made. It is the family that will do this, I have told them this many times, the last time I spoke with her, she said her sister-in-law would handle it,” Amakor said.


Surprisingly, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command seems to be unaware of the matter, and as such, no serious investigation should be expected.


The command’s Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Anjuguri Manzah, while responding to LEADERSHIP’s inquiry said he wasn’t privy to the information, and thereby asked our correspondent to report to the command for a check.


“I may not know, if you come around, we will check and see,” Manzah said.