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When Not To Gloat Over Misfortune In Nigeria



A soldier killed is a huge loss to our collective psyche not to even talk of scores killed. It is a sad reality for us as a nation to suffer such grave casualties. However, even with our pained hearts, we must try not to dramatise too much the killings, unverified numbers of soldiers killed is a wreck to morale of our men in the battlefield and as well as psychological disturbance to their families. Instead of going to town with the released videos of the killings by the insurgents, let’s try to halt their propaganda tool by not amplifying their messages.

The guys are succeeding because we help them to re-echo their evil messages of fear and destruction. The more you share the deadly Boko Haram video, the more you embolden them in triumph. You mourn the gruesome murders of your compatriots, not by amplifying the imagery of their ends.   It is good that the Army has come out to debunk the figures being banded around, and assured families of their men of necessary action while reinstating its commitment to protect Nigeria and Nigerians from the claws of evil men.

During wars, citizens must be seen standing by their troops in the face of whatever circumstances. Only with our support, they get the morale booster. We must continue to advocate on their behalf for improved warfare tools, better pay and packages, attractive compensations for any kind of hazard. Defence budget must be huge and properly monitored; service chiefs must be more at the battlefield and not the cosy comfort of their offices.   It is heartbreaking to watch the cruel massacre of men sent to protect us. Something urgent must be done and the security agencies should reevaluate their operational strategies, the manner they were swooped on shows the men weren’t on their guards. Intelligence failure reared its head there, even the air force failed to do anything in the face of this unfortunate debacle. Are your aircraft for mere ceremonial stunts? Too much laxity, official insincerity, endemic corruption caused our men their dear lives in this renewed insurgency.

Friendly soldiers that you have never seen, walked passed you, snuffed out the life of your commander and you stood stooge waiting for order of defense, from who, when the commanding voice has been silenced by your so-called friendly soldiers? It is sad that we fell to poor emotional intelligence. The enemies got us so cheap and exterminated us in our numbers. This is too much for an army adjudged as one of the best in the sub-region. This laxity is scary and something must be done fast otherwise we are going to be helpless pawns in the hands of the belligerence aggressors.

However we may be put, the eyesore in Borno State is a huge drawback for us as a nation. It had exposed our preparedness and readiness in the face of territorial protection. Good thing President Muhammadu Buhari has responded to the realities by visiting Borno State. This is a move strategically designed to boost soldiers’ morale and assuage the hysteric population.




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