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Firm Win Most Coveted Awards In ADVAN



Dufil Prima Foods Plc was at the centre of attraction at this year’s Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) Awards for Marketing Excellence, West Africa.  Three of the company’s brands-Indomie, Minimie Chinchin and Power Oil-clinched eight of the most coveted awards during the ceremony.

The organisers of the award said the ADVAN Awards for Marketing Excellence is aimed at acknowledging and rewarding marketing professionals that have made outstanding contributions to the profession. 

“The ADVAN Awards for Marketing Excellence, West Africa, is a significant event that appreciates and commends the meticulous effort of marketing professionals towards the success and growth of the marketing industry in the West African sub-region,” the organisers said. At the award ceremony which held in Lagos, Power Oil came first and third in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and innovation categories respectively, Indomie clinched the third and second positions in the Experiential Marketing and innovation categories respectively, while Minimie Chinchin came third in the Campaign of the Year category.

The second and third places for Brand of the Year Category went to Indomie and Power Oil respectively, just as Indomie also came third in the New Brand/Extension/ Revitalisation Category.

Praising the performance of Dufil Prima Foods performance during the award, ADVAN Awards organisers said the firm has consistently applied professional marketing principles to generate real measurable success for her various brands to the benefit of consumers in the sub-region. Receiving the awards on behalf of Dufil Prima Foods, the chief operating officer, Mr.  Sharma Girish, thanked  the  organisers  of the award, noting that  the  performance  of  the various brands at  the  event  is a great encouragement  to the Dufil Prima Foods family. 

“We at Dufil really appreciate the various recognitions we have received through these awards,” the Dufil COO said. “If ADVAN is saying through these awards that Dufil Prima Foods Plc is doing great, certainly that is the truth.

“But we also know that to whoever much is given, much more is expected. Therefore, we at  Dufil Prima Foods Plc see these awards  as incentives for us  to  do  more  in bringing  different  innovations into the  production  and  marketing  of  our  brands. We will not disappoint in that regard.”