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I Dread Taking A Wrong Step – Bonat



Georgina Ya’alien Bonat is from Kaduna State and is Atyab by tribe. She was born into the family of Dr Zuwaghu and Mrs Lami R Bonat, the only child. She had her nursery and primary education at Brighter Year Nursery and Primary School, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State and her secondary education at Federal Government Girls College, Zaria. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Bingham University, Karu, Nasarawa State and her Master’s in Strategic Communication (Public Relations & Marketing at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. She is a nutritionist and marketer of cereals.


My name is Georgina Ya’alien Bonat from Kaura local government area of Kaduna State and Atyab by tribe. I was born into the family of Mrs Lami R Bonat and Dr Zuwaghu Bonat on 21st March, 1993 at Limi Hospital, Zaria. I am the only child of my parents, though pampered but not spoilt. I started my educational career at Brighter Year Nursery and Primary School, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State. From there I proceeded to Federal Government Girls College, Zaria. My life practically revolves round Zaria because I grew up there. I still have relations and friends resident in Zaria though my family relocated to Kaduna some years ago. After my Secondary Education, I gained admission to Bingham University, Karu, Nasarawa State where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. I did the one year compulsory service to my fatherland in Benin, Edo State after which, I obtained a Master’s degree in Ahmadu Bello University where I specialised in Strategic Communication (Public Relations & Marketing). I am an Oriflame Consultant and also into Turn Brown and Cereal business, locally known as Tamba.

How It All Started

I ventured into the business world in the year 2016 and 2018 respectively. The desire to offer people healthy food got me attracted to the cereal business though the elderly, pregnant women and children consume more of my product. My cereal is highly recommended for diabetic patients and having used their products for a while and seen firsthand the wonders it performs to the skin, I got encouraged to join the moving train in order not to be left behind. A secondary school friend also motivated me. I get fulfilled having people look good.

Who Taught You?

I learnt the business from my aunt in Zaria and she taught me the recipe but I now have a secret recipe that gives mine a unique taste.

Driving Force

I have always had passion to give people a healthy breakfast and this is what I am offering them without having to go through the rigour of going to the market, sieving, soaking, grinding among others. Also, knowing people need my services keeps me in the business.

What Sets You Apart From Competitors?

When one puts his or her soul into what he or she does, it comes out well and this is the case with my business. My cereal is prepared under strict hygienic environment, well packaged. In terms of preservation, it lasts longer. All these give me an edge over competitors. I like healthy competition because it brings out the best in all I do.


Amina Bello and Mo Abudu are my mentors


Watching movies, reading, travelling, making new friends and discovering new places.


Not wanting to take a wrong step in everything I do because choices always matter in life. The wrong choice determines how things turn out to be. The cereal market is being restricted as an elderly people’s market, pregnant women, children with only few young people who fancy it. This mentality should be a thing of the past as people are educated frequently now on the need to stay healthy. Our health should be taken seriously; we should not wait for our bodies to collapse before we start paying attention to it. There are cases of people in various hospitals and homes who have spent months bedridden due to negligence though some never knew the health implications of certain foods or drinks they consumed but we are presently being enlightened in our Churches, Mosques, Hospitals and Schools. It is a wakeup call especially to the youths.


I am independent to some extent. I’m a potential employer of labour with two secret recipes to my name. I have experienced market expansion, compared to when I started. I enjoy referrals from customers.


I often times go to the market to process my cereal because I do not have a processing machine because of lack of proper networking on my part. People tend to believe Oriflame products are expensive so they avoid it.


I opted for Mass Communication even though I wanted to study Sociology. If I had the opportunity, I would take the latter. Sociology would not have helped the business but would have brought fulfilment. Mass Communication, on the other hand, has done a whole lot for the success of the business.

Future Plan

In a few years from now, I see myself exporting Geenah’s Food and Confectionery to various countries of the world and as a Gold Director in Oriflame.

Most Memorable Day

That’s my day of graduation from the University.

How Do You Combine Business, Profession With Family Life?

Being an only child has equipped me to be multi-tasking since childhood because if I do not take care of things, they would be left undone. This has helped me in business to do things without procrastination and social media has made it easier for me as I can be elsewhere and selling my products in another location.

Advise To Women

Times are getting harder and women need to be up and doing. Being a housewife is gradually becoming obsolete. There are lots of opportunities waiting to be harnessed. Take a bold step and be an achiever. Consistency is the key word in starting a business and succeeding in it even in the midst of challenges.



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