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Women Need To Be Patient With Their Husbands – Olori Fatimoh



She is royalty. Her charisma and charm fits her position, a teacher, a business woman and Queen all rolled into one. She is Olori Kehinde Fatimoh Ajilese, the most senior wife of the Aseyin of Iseyinland. Iseyin is a city located in Oyo State. The Olori tells us the challenges and the prestige of her position as Olori, the wife of the father (King) of Iseyinland


I was born in this Iseyin into the family house of Okiti Oke-Ola to Alhaji Amzat Akanni and Alhaja Silifat Amzat. I had both my primary and secondary school education in this city. After my secondary, I wasted so much time at home because I was determined to study nursing however after nine years of not being able to achieve that I opted for education in which I majored in accounting. I met my husband the Kabiyesi just after secondary education and our love relationship stood the test of time all through the time he was studying veterinary medicine at the University of Ibadan and I was studying Accounting Education. I later gained admission into the University of Ado Ekiti now Ekiti State University where I bagged a Bachelor of education degree in marketing.

After graduation from our respective universities, we got engaged and finally married. We then relocated to Lagos. I practiced my profession which is teaching for a brief period while kabiyesi also ran a small veterinary clinic.

Within a few years I moved on to become a semi- distributor for Omo, sugar and salt in bags while Kabiyesi also then went into the production of pharmaceutical drugs under a pharmaceutical company SAG where he produced veterinary drugs.

I concentrated on my business which was doing quite well until he was invited home to become king.

The Throne

There isn’t much I can say about myself without linking it to my husband especially from the year 2006 when he became king. The tussle for the throne actually started in 2005. The tussle went on for about a whole year. There were 21 contenders to the throne and during this period all contenders were mandated to feast the king makers as well as the princes.

Preparing such meals was not a small feat and because my husband was finally picked, we were required to prepare such a feast thrice instead of twice like all the other contenders.


After we ascended the throne, it was quite tough adapting to life in Iseyin and especially in the palace. The challenges came in so many forms. Before my husband became King, he had only two wives but after he became king his wives increased. I thank God because there were quite a number of issues but through the spirit of perseverance and patience I passed through it all and I have excelled.


As an Olori my major duty is to sit in court over issues pertaining to women and sometimes the family as a whole. Most of the cases I mediate over are domestic in nature some are hilarious others are pathetic but I give God all the glory I usually get such issues resolved. There are actually two strange cases that come to mind, one was the case of a woman who claimed she was falling ill because her husband had used her for ritual purposes and there was another where a man had come to complain that his wife had monopolized his sex life because he couldn’t get it up with any other woman aside from the wife. Talking about it now it may sound not so serious but if you witness some of these cases first hand, one will realize how serious they are.

My duty is to advice women to be patient with their husbands. A woman who wants to enjoy her home has to treat her husband like a king even if he isn’t. Every man is a king in his household and should be treated as such.

I also get invited to seminars and conferences to address women by organizations, politicians and sometimes government as the female face of tradition. 


As a mother and a woman, I always advice women that if we don’t learn to become actively involved in politics we will be left behind. There is nothing good that can come out of politics if women are not well represented and at every opportunity I have, I encourage them to be actively involved. Women need to be in all spheres of the society including politics.


After we returned to Iseyin I had to leave my thriving business in Lagos. I have no regrets because being in this position has been destined and so one has to make the best of it. These days I’m a major distributor of Coca-cola in Iseyin.

However if we are talking about the business of our people, which is aso-ofi (Aso oke), there has been tremendous improvement in that. In the olden days it was only common among the muslims, but these days everyone is into the business.

Kabiyesi played an important part as one of those who made the ofi day a reality. It was celebrated elaborately in September 2016. He is also one of those who frustrated the idea of the Chinese wanting to begin the production of Aso ofi in China to export to us in Nigeria.


The youths of nowadays, especially here in Iseyin are so much in a hurry to make and spend money. These days they seem to value money more than education. After school hours, instead of most of them reading and doing their assignments, they are all over the place trying to make money. All to buy clothes and sophisticated phones. Some of them go as far as to get holiday jobs outside of Iseyin. They make money and then buy bikes that they ride to school. The vanity level is high. We are appealing to parents to be more involved in the upbringing of their children, so that they can become responsible in life.  We do not want them to be half baked illiterates. We will continue to enlighten and counsel them. I believe that with God on our side, we will be able to lead them aright.  We will also try to show them that growing steadily towards wealth and comfort is more lasting than putting the cart before the horse.



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