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Terry G Returns With New Video ‘Chimo’



After a long while off the music scene, the Apako master, Terry G who popularized a new brand of street music, is out with the visuals of a new single titled “Chimo”

“Chimo” means God in English and on this song Terry G makes reference to Almighty God by praising him for keeping him alive and relevant. The song which is of Terry G Productions TGP Entertainment, can be classified as a gospel tune but from the weired one who has been relevant in the music industry for a decade and half years reinventing himself and making hits upon hits.

Shot by Triple G Flims, the visuals itself which is on major music download platforms, is one that every music lover would love to watch as it is classy and akin to one of Michael Jackson style of videos.

On this song Terry G makes reference to Almighty God by praising him for keeping him alive and relevant. Terry G brings something different on “Chimo” as he splits fire to show he still has the ginger.

Speaking about the song and other plans, the Ginjah master said, “Chimo is a rap song with a difference.

I am not threatened by other musicians and what they have put out there. I have piece of mind. Terry has matured of age and I just want to make that positive vibes. I was one if those that started what is happening now in our Industry and doing street songs with a swag. 2018 has been progressive, I have released only 3 singles but have recorded several songs and done a couple of  collaborations. I am inspired by the environment.

“On the business side, I got more buses for my pure water business managed by my woman, the most intelligent woman in the world. So 2018 has been an adventure because you ‘cw got to understand the Game. The music industry is a game, you have got to observe and know when to put down the right cards and hit it off. You have to play the game and I have been playing it for decades. I make mistakes sometimes and learn from it and move on. I am not a stereotype with my songs and if you observe, o don’t follow the band wagon. No, that is not Terry G. You can’t keep eating  rice and get tired of it. I still have so much more to offer my fans and the Industry.”

Terry G whose real name is Gabriel Amanyi is the first child of a pastor.



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