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6 Arrested In Pakistan After Daughter Killed On Faith Healer’s Order



Police in eastern Pakistan have arrested six people including a father, who allegedly killed his infant daughter on the orders of a faith healer.

The father, his mother and sister are accused of slitting the girl’s throat after a faith healer told them that their family was being disturbed by ghosts because of the toddler.

“We have arrested six people and registered a murder case,’’ Muhammad Sarfaraz from the Police in Sargodha city, Punjab province said on Monday.

The faith healer is on the run, he said.

According to Dawn newspaper, the mother of the child has already filed a case seeking a divorce.

She reportedly said that the faith healer had previously harmed her daughter.

Superstitious beliefs in things such as the presence of ghosts and jinn are common across the South Asian region.

Faith healers are often revered individuals in these communities.




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