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Rating Of Govt Performance Should Be Free From Bias, Sentiment –BOMG



The director general, Buhari/Osinbajo Mandate Group, Dr Sani Abdullah has called on Nigerians and international observers to stop being bias or beclouded with sentiments when rating performance of government.

Abdullah disclosed this at second edition of a political and leadership roundtable with the theme: ‘’Politics and Good Governance in Nigeria,’’ held at the Nehemiah Apostolic Resource Centre, under its School of Government and Politics in Abuja.

Abdullah who is also the head of Human Capital Development Sector, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said when judgement are beclouded with sentiments it prevents clear perception and muddle prejudices that becloud judgment.

He, however, decried that one of the problem of governance in Nigeria is that government performance is usually influenced by sentiments.

“If we continue like this, we cannot get it right. Ethnic and religion also plays a role in voting leaders, people vote based on not what an aspirant can offer, which is a major tragedy.

“Unfortunately, measurement of governance in Nigeria is usually based on where the president hails from. There is a sentimental judgement, which is the greatest tragedy in Nigeria. It has created fault lines. Measurement ought to be balanced,” he said.

In order to address the leadership and performance problem in Nigeria, he suggested that Nigeria should adopt the China’s model, where leaders are chosen from youth, based on evident qualities.

A journalist and Imo State House of Assembly candidate, Adaora Onyechere, harped on citizen participation in politics, as one of the ways to change Nigeria.

She noted that citizens apathy is a major problem to change in Nigeria.

“We need to be angry enough. What has been our role outside agonizing? Citizens must do better, else they become accomplices. We can’t afford to feel helpless. Let’s participate. We shouldn’t be following and cheering on a failed leadership,” she added.



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