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2019: Nigerians Should Retire Those Against Minimum Wage – Olawepo-Hashim



The presidential candidate of the People’s Trust (PT),  Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim has described those complaining that they could not afford the N30,000 new minimum wage,” are inferior in intellect”.

Speaking at the national stakeholders meeting of the PT in Abuja, yesterday, Olawepo urged Nigerians to retire them in 2019, if they failed to retire voluntarily.

The presidential candidate who noted that those who cannot pay lack imagination and creativity, said:” anybody that is coming to offer excuses has no business in government.”

According to him, “They should be retired and if they failed to retire themselves, retire them in 2019 with our PVCs. This mission is possible.”

He said “I make a commitment that I will pay 50,000 minimum wage, I will do that before the first anniversary if I am elected as a president.

His words “Of cause people who have lived their lives on government since they were barely out of secondary school up to their dying days cannot understand how to create jobs.

“Because every car they drove, the government bought it for them. Even the fuel in that car was from the government. The schools their children attended was  paid by the government. I have never signed N30,000 government voucher in my life.

“I have been a businessman for 27 years. I know how to create jobs because that is what I have been doing before and now. I will create jobs in Nigeria.

“So, go back to your states and tell the electorates that you have a presidential candidate that has been creating jobs for 27 years and since the job is what you want for children, he will create jobs and that is important.

“Because at the bottom of upheavals in Nigeria, is joblessness. People have nothing to do. When we create jobs, we will have the taxable revenue to pay the workers a decent living wage. 

” We have sent military government away, we will also send corrupt politician away in 2019. We are going to build a country where security will be taken for granted.

“We would secure Nigeria once again. We would stop the killings in the land by dealing decisively with those who commit murder  . Immediately they will know that there is a new sheriff in town. That is the presidency we will deliver to Nigeria by the grace of God in 2019 “.



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