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Cornerstone Insurance Promotes Education Policy



Cornerstone Insurance PLC is promoting education in the country through its Cornerstone Children Education Fund (CHEF).

To this end, it has recorded many beneficiaries who all have good stories to tell.

One of them, Uloma Chinedu, a 39 years old mother of 5 children, who works in a bank is married to a Stock Broker. They both have huge families to look after and staying in the husband’s family house in Asaba has not been an easy task because of the huge responsibilities the husband has to shoulder.

In view of the economic recession and not being able to generate enough money to shoulder the responsibility of their large family, Uloma always had this concern of whether they will be able to give proper education to their children and make them succeed in Life.

Amid all these sad feelings Uloma has been having, the bank she works with made a huge loss and was left with no option than to downsize. Fortunately, Uloma was not affected but most of her friends were laid off with nothing to fall back on. The thought of losing her job has been troubling her a lot since the downsizing, but no one could understand her concern and suggest a proper outcome.

Uloma’s concern was hidden from everyone but one day she was discussing the state of the economy with her friend, Mary Ebuna. She lamented to Mary that if she or her husband were to lose their jobs, it was evident that their children’s education will be compromised. She further asked Mary how she and her husband have been coping with sending their son to a private University in view of economic situation.

Mary laughed and stated that with adequate Financial Planning, one’s children’s education will never be compromised, that she and her husband have been contributing towards each of their children’s education with Cornerstone Insurance Plc.

Mary stated that planning for one child’s future should be the priority of every parent, as she explained to Uloma the numerous benefits that Cornerstone Children Education Fund(CHEF) offers including maturity benefit and guaranteed death benefit.

She further stated that being a parent is a matter of great joy and pleasure, but one should also realize that it also brings along with it a lot of responsibilities, which can never be overlooked, and the truth is that successful parenting is a major challenge. Meeting the present requirements of your family, according to her, can be a challenge if proper financial planning is not put in place, hence, becomes the prime responsibility of every parent to secure the future of their children and take care of the unexpected.

After the discussion with Mary, Uloma was so happy and eager to start saving with Cornerstone Insurance Plc.  She discussed the benefits of CHEF, as related to her by Mary, with her husband, who was also in tune with the concept of policy. They both visited  and both signed-up for CHEF after going through the policy benefits and features. Uloma now has the assurance that, in the event of any unforeseen circumstance, the future education of her children is guaranteed.



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