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Amebo’s Kornner: Why Bobrisky Must Be Stopped Now!



The past week has been full of various activities, from our darling AOP Tosin Buknor’s death to birthday celebrations from Davido and others. Banky W also marked his first wedding anniversary with wife, Adesuwa Etomi. In addition, the entertainment industry is somehow in confusion as Wizkid’s and Olamide’s shows clash on same day. Hmmm… wahala dey o. Now we would know who is a homeboy between both artistes.

Let me specially welcome you my exceptional paddy of the Amebo’s Kornner. We are fast approaching the Yuletide season and everyone is feeling the breeze and smell of Christmas.

A few days before the release of “The Secrets of My Life,” Caitlyn Jenner’s memoir of her journey to transgender womanhood, she and her ex-wife, Kris Jenner, appeared together on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The series is in its 11th year, but until 2015, Caitlyn was very much in the background, depicted as Bruce and as she writes in the memoir, as “a well-meaning but slightly doddering patriarch who has no life of his own and is subsumed by the women who surround him”. Now Caitlyn is centre-stage, giving her ex-wife a primer on gender identity while Kris maintains the rictus of someone who, for once, wishes the cameras weren’t rolling. When Kris asks Caitlyn if she will undergo gender confirmation surgery, Caitlyn flicks her hair and sucks in her cheeks. “Don’t even go down this road,” she says archly. “Because I’m not going to talk about it.”

Today, the man we knew as Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn (a woman) who changed his sex to that of a female.

One thing Africans don’t really understand is, everything that works for the Europeans (whites especially) can never work in Africa and Nigeria in particular, especially when it comes to the issue of gay and lesbianism. Let it not look as if I am noosing around something that isn’t my business, but know “We Don’t Support Homosexuality in Nigeria!”

Like play, this boy (girl), Bobrisky is now claiming to be a girl even openly telling anyone that cares to listen that he is growing boobs, his(her) ass is becoming bigger and his boy(man)friends are loving his new shape. Isn’t it disgusting?

And this boy is being supported by celebrities who patronise him in their events, shows and music. Recently I gathered that he was invited to an event in Abuja by popular a controversial actress. My Amebo couldn’t hold it so I snooped even more and gathered that he put on a gown and he looked more like a babe. Hmmm …. This one nah Lesbianism of gay-lesbian I go call them?

Well …this nah just Amebo o, make una no come dey think say dem be item sha.

Also, Harrysong just dropped a single which features Bobrisky and he was seen shaking his ass and behaving like a woman and people are watching and clapping, forgetting that in Nigeria, our laws don’t support such open claim of practice.

Another recent incident in Lagos was when American showbiz personality and stripper, Blac Chyna, came to promote her bleaching (toning) cream which was endorsed by Dencia who also has a toning cream line. Oga-madam Bobrisky was seen between both ladies, it was difficult identifying him as a guy. Amebo sometime is good because it makes you know things others are not supposed to. I learnt that there are big personalities that are sponsoring him and using him. So that means he has backings from the top. But I am calling on authorities to call him to order to put a stop of this shameful act. Because the law can’t say one thing, and someone who does something else is allowed to do what the law frowns against. If he can’t be called to order, let others who are hiding because of the law also come out like Bobrisky. I have said my own.

Until we meet next week stay out of trouble and mind your business.




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