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Falana Decries Continuous Foreign Dominance Of Nigeria’s Oil Sector



Human rights activist, Mr.  Femi Falana yesterday decried what he described as continuous dominance of Nigeria’s oil sector by foreigners despite the passage of the local content act.

Falana who was speaking in Abuja during the 40th anniversary celebration of the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas workers (NUPENG) alleged that IOCs are still allowed to influence the appointment of the Minister of Petroleum Resources and the management staff of the regulatory bodies in the oil and gas industry, saying such must stop.

Falana while expressing displeasure in the delay by President Muhammadu Buhari to sign the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill into law, said if signed into law, the PIGB would  help to curb many ill treatments of most foreign oil and gas firms that deprive Nigerians of jobs.

He said that the provisions of the ‘Nigeria Content especially in oil and gas industry’ Act may have been deliberately sabotaged by some powerful persons so as to continue to give the IOCs more influence.

The Rights activist while commending workers in the oil and gas sector for the efforts in the development of sector, said it was the demand of both NUPENG and PENGASSEN for the indigenisation of the oil and gas industry that led to the enactment of the Nigerian Content Act, 2010 by the Federal government.

He therefore urged the unions to seriously monitor the operation of Act and ensure that Nigerians enjoy the benefits thereof.

While encouraging the oil and gas workers to be steadfast in the monitoring of the local context act for maximum benefits of Nigerian in terms job opportunities, he said, “It is pertinent to draw the attention of the workers in the oil and gas industry to the relevant provisions of the Presidential Executive Order No 5 for harnessing domestic talent and development of indigenous capacity across all sectors of the economy. In particular, the Minister of Interior has been prohibited from giving visas to foreign workers whose skills are readily available in Nigeria”.






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