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2019: SDP Launches Campaign For Kaduna South Senate Seat



The Social Democratic Party (SDP), has  launched a campaign for the Senate Seat of Kaduna South.

Speaking during the event that held at the Kafanchan township stadium, the SDP senatorial candidate, Mr Rijo Shekari said he will bring true dividend of democracy to the people.

“I am contesting for the Senate seat so I can bring to you the true dividends of democracy from the federal government in a manner that you never thought possible,” Rijo said.

The financial consultant said if elected, he will establish at least 10 cooperative societies in each of the eight Local Government Areas that make up Kaduna South Senatorial zone to scale up farming and engage more youths in mechanized farming. 

“God has endowed Southern Kaduna with more than enough of natural and human resources. Southern Kaduna is just looking for a leader that has the creativity, the determination, resources and connection to create an economic revolution that will shock the country,” Rijo said, adding, “For the love of my fatherland, and for the fact that I have these qualities, I have heed to the call to assume that leadership and God with us, we shall build a new Southern Kaduna of our dream when you vote me into the Senate.

“But that dream cannot be achieved if first and foremost we don’t tackle the issue of our safety and security arising from the terrorism that has been unleashed on our communities by our enemies. On this, I have laid down a clear road map towards achieving that when I get to the Senate,” Rijo said.

According to him: “My resolve is to tackle the issue from the roots, and it will include legislation for effective border control. With over a thousand illegal entry points into Nigeria, there is no control over those who sneak into the country and unleash mayhem on innocent citizens.”

“I will also ensure that we resettle and compensate all victims of such violence. I will lobby and fight for all forms of assistance to return our traumatised and displaced communities to normalcy, because we cannot claim to share same destiny when we are carefree about the unfortunate condition of others which caused by no fault of theirs,” Rijo added.

He lamented the dilapidated federal roads in Southern Kaduna and also decried the small budgetary allocation to the zone each year, vowing to correct the imbalances when elected.

Rijo who said Kaduna State has the highest maternal and child maternity rate promised to make available an experienced midwife nurse in each of the 87 wards to ensure that adequate attention is given to women, during pregnancy and child birth.

“I will never let you down, if you give me your votes,” Rijo said while acknowledging cheers from the crowd.

Speaking earlier, the Deputy National Chairman of the SDP, Dr. Abdul Ishaq said the party stand for strength, loyalty, efficiency, sincerity and beauty. 

“We shall trample over all brooms and umbrellas,” Abdul told the cheering crowd.

“Rijo Shekari, is already a distinguished young man. He is one of the finest, articulate, honest, very intelligent and hardworking young men I have ever met.

“He is not only self-made, he has so much passion for developing other young men, especially from among his people, the great people of Southern Kaduna.

“And these are the qualities of persons that SDP parades across the country. As I speak to you, there is no political party that is not jittery about the SPD. We are sure of whom we are parading. But we must show that Southern Kaduna has the best of its Senatorial candidates in SDP,” Abdul added.



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