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How Important Are NGOs In Humanitarian Disasters?



NGOs are the rapid response units of humanitarian disasters all over the world. Members of these unique organisations put their lives on the line to operate in volatile areas during conflicts, and provide unconditional services for poverty stricken people. ORJIME MOSES writes.

While the UN is still discussing the pros and cons of moving into troubled spots, the NGOs are always the first to deploy. Their successes out-mark their deficiencies. They are more accountable than government agencies. This is why they’re the best conduits that International governments prefer, to bring relief to third world countries. Corrupt governments get jittery when NGOs are operating because accountability is the key to the new world order, which these governments lack.

It is in view of this that When In Need (WIN) Foundation, a non profit making organisation, which has been on board for about 10 years, was established, with tremendous role of touching so many lives across the world through offering of free medical services, agricultural services, education, provision of drugs, sharing of food stuffs to the people.

When In Need (WIN) foundation on several occasions, has offered free medical services to local communities, and recently, police officers and men of the Nigeria Police Garki II, Abuja.

LEADERSHIP correspondent gathered that the medical outreach featured free medical checkup, provision of drugs, eyeglasses as well as sharing of foodstuffs to the people.

Speaking with LEADERSHIP Friday during the course of the exercise, the president/ chief executive officer of the foundation, Dr Chetachi Ecton, said reaching out to the police officers in Garki II Barracks was part of the group’s way of offering assistance to the society.

She said, “I was approached by a good friend of mine, Richard Daniel and the commissioner of police to conduct free medical mission to the members of the police force and I decided to take it up.

“I believe that the police officers and men in this country deserve to be appreciated because they are also human beings even though there are few that are being paid but they need someone also to extend a loving hand to them and tell them thank you for all the services that they have provided for all the citizens of Nigeria.”

According to her, police are human beings just like us and When In Need Foundation made a promise that they would administer medical services to everyone regardless of your colour, religion, ethnicity and your country of origin, so why not the police and officers of Nigeria.

Dr Mrs Ecton further said that the foundation, which has being in existence for about 10 years, has been able to extend help in the area of offering free medical and other services to five continents in the world and they have provided different services not just running the medical services but also agricultural services, health care as well as education.

“I made a promise in my life that whatever I have regardless of wherever I’m, I will share it with others and all these you see here today are sponsored by me and as a matter of fact, yesterday night by nine or ten o’clock I was busy packing all the foods stuffs you see here to share to the police officers and men with their family members and I love what I’m doing because it’s my passion,” she added.

She lamented the challenges that she used to face during the course of the mission saying that sometimes we ran out of medication and foodstuffs. Like today, our intention was to feed about 10,000 people, you know I hope that we will feed that much number of people and sometimes, it is difficult for us to get the location quickly but I can not say this is the but I’m happy we are here in Garki Police Barracks to give to this community.

Also speaking, one of the beneficiaries, who introduced himself as Ike Michael, said that if a lot of people were going out of their ways to help others, “things would not be bad as it is today, you know sometimes you may not be in a good health but to get money and go for treatment is another thing.

“So I’m so happy for this development and I pray that God should give them more power and wisdom to continue with their mission.”





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