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The State Of Some Government Owned School Property .



Education in the primary and secondary space have gone pass the makeshift of just having pupils in a class to teach without a suitable environment to accommodate such learning. While some private institutions would feel they can stand the test of time as it concerns infrastructure, government owned schools are apparently still in the 3 D’s of disgust, disguise and discourse of infrastructure and maintenance.

With primary and secondary education being the basic and key elements on the road map to success, now witnessing more injection and practice of STEM and STEAM education in their curriculum, it is appalling that the present day infrastructure of some government schools is still in a state of neglect and dilapidation, where the school’s major highlight when visited by a third party is the conditions and state of the school as supposed the teaching practices.

LEADERSHIP visited Ajumoni Senior Secondary Grammar School, Okota area of Isolo, Lagos and it was attested the school’s shambolic deplorable state and degrading infrastructure as our correspondent was first greeted with a strong stench emanating from different corners in the compound. Where the teaching classrooms are in disarrayed form, with damaged or no roofs, broken asbestos, limited lecture tables and chairs of which most are in ruin, exposed electrical wires and cables, compound littered with dirts, growth of spirogyra on walls and the windows, unhygienic toilet facilities, poor waste management with heaps of refuse dominating a large quota of the school compound; and a lot of times students are seen sitting on the window side for lectures.

LEADERSHIP also gathered that the classrooms have become a hangout and hideout spot for miscreants and thugs during none school hours who have made a mess of the spaces and vicinity with marijuana and cigarettes littered around the school compound.

The case wasn’t different at Unity Senior Grammar School located at Oshodi as its environ have become peculiar to cesspool of dumps.

While it is without doubt that these schools witness neglect in the infrastructural wellbeing on the part of the government and good maintenance structure wasn’t put in place to ensure proper maintenance and longevity of the structure thus bringing about the school’s decay in infrastructure, perhaps the government would feel they should be cut some slack as management of the schools in the same vein have only contributed minimal to the betterment of the institutions at this primary and secondary level.





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