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Adam Levine Win Drought For 6 Seasons is Getting To Him.



The Maroon 5 front man has coached all 15 seasons of NBC’s reality TV show, and has been a drought of 6 seasons which the last won a championship which was Jordan Smith in Season 9. The only other two other artists that won from Team Adam were Javier Colon (Season 1) and Tessanne Chin (Season 5).

An article by Goldderby online, when you take into account that rival coach Blake Shelton has won a record six championships so far, it helps shine a light on why Adam was so willing to throw DeAndre Nico under the bus in favor of Reagan Strange.

When the on-screen vote totals were revealed, Reagan and DeAndre were shown in a virtual tie at 38%, while the other artist in the bottom three, Dave Fenley, came in around 24%. The fact that Reagan didn’t run the board with the instant save, a singer who previously earned two back-to-back streaming boosts, suggests that Adam’s words may have had a reverse effect and caused fans to cast sympathy votes for DeAndre.


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