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Afghan Army Frees Civilians From Taliban Prison



Elite Afghan forces have freed no fewer than 11 civilians from a Taliban prison in southern Helmand province, an official said on Saturday.

“They had been held for months at a prison in Sangin district on allegations of cooperating with the Afghan military,’’ army spokesman Wali Khan said.

No members of the rescue mission were killed or injured in the operation.

Afghan Special Forces have freed tens of civilians, including women and children, from various Taliban prions in the embattled province in recent months.

Army spokesman Hanif Rezayee said in northern Jawzajan province, a notorious Taliban commander was killed in an Afghan aerial operation.

“Wali Mohammad was considered a highly valuable target for Afghan forces in the province.

“Three of his aides were wounded in the airstrike in the province’s Faiz Abad district,’’ Rezayee added.

Recently, a prominent Taliban leader for the south and south-eastern regions, known as Mullah Manan, was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Helmand.

Mullah Manan was the Taliban’s highest military official in the province and the shadow governor of the militants for Helmand.




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