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Bam Bam, Teddy A, Charles Inojie, others Star In ‘No Budget’



In a world where individuals now prioritise weddings over actual marriages, where weddings are made for the glam, seen as some competition and no deliberate attention placed on the issues that come with the marriage, it’s about time Nollywood took a piece of the puzzle with yet another classic “No Budget,” as it hits cinemas nationwide soon.

“No Budget” tells the story of Lola Balogun, daughter of the wealthy Mr and Mrs Balogun, who has a dream of having a talk of the town, internet breaking wedding ceremony. Unfortunately for Lola, Osagie, the man she plans getting married to, do not consent with her idea of having such an elaborate wedding ceremony, banking on her father’s wealth, things starts to go wrong when her father also says no to her request.

Speaking to the producer and director, Mr Ojie Asuelime, he says that “No Budget” is no regular movie as it addresses lots of issues many have had reasons to find disturbing.

“‘No Budget’ is sharply and comically observed. The film deals with the everyday behind the scene drama that saturates many homes when it comes to planning a societal wedding, and captures the delicate balance between having a happily ever after marriage rather than focusing on what the society dictates a wedding should be while finding the courage to make decisions that will be of help in one’s home at the long run.”

On the choice of cast, Mr Ojie explains that this has always been an important factor when making a movie and for him, there were no exceptions in his case. He says; “Picking a cast is never easy, aside from looking at the business side, you get to look at the raw emotions and talents behind these individuals and for me I got all these and more from my cast and crew. They didn’t just hit the bar with their individuality, they also nailed it as a team and that’s the wish of a producer and an actor. ‘No Budget’ is a movie nobody wants to miss. These guys delivered and I must say I am proud to have witnessed their passion first hand.”

Treated with a soft landing of glamour, cultural correctness, love and betrayal, ‘No Budget’ parades array of stars such as Bam Bam, Teddy A, Kehinde Bankole, Anto Lecky, Bryan Okwara, Akin Lewis, Bolanle Ninalowo, Charles Inojie, Ayo Mogaji, Ahneeka and more.



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