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New Dating Show ‘Looking For Love’ Now On DSTV



The search is over for those looking for love as a new dating show hits African Magic Urban.

For single Nigerians who desire to build companionship or are in dire need of an opportunity to meet their soulmate and better half, here is some good news for you. “Looking for Love Naija” show, the first of its kind, highly packed, reality TV show filled with suspense, romance, comedy, and lots of drama is set to hit African Magic Urban Channel 153 on DSTV.

Produced by BusuMelo Media, each episode features two total strangers (one male, one female) called Love Hopefuls who go on a series of dates to test their compatibility for a chance at finding real love. The episodes runs for 30 minutes allowing viewers to enjoy the very genuine struggles of real people trying to make truthful and engaging connections in the buzzing city of Lagos, Nigeria.

“Looking for Love Naija” episodes culminate with each Love Hopeful deciding at the end of the four dates to either continue dating their match or look for love elsewhere – making for a dramatic standoff between the participation. Over the years, we have seen all sorts of ideals and tales about finding true love in Nigeria. With ‘Looking for Love Naija’ show, we are capturing that experience and showcasing so we can all learn while being entertained,” Guy Futi, the show creator, noted .




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