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‘Southeast Leaders Supporting Atiku, Sabotaging Igbo Chances’



The Presidential Support Committee, an umbrella body of several support groups working for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari, has said that Igbo leaders, who endorsed the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, were working to sabotage the chances of the Southeast in producing the president in 2023.

Spokesman of the Southeast zonal caucus of the Presidential Support Committee, Chambalene Adeasor, said in Abuja at the end of their meeting, that governors of the southeast and some leaders of the area were determined to subvert the aspiration of the Igbo people.

Adeasor said as supporters of the president, they were determined to ensure that he secures bulk votes from the southeast, adding that massive support by the area for the president is the only guaranteed way to an Igbo President in 2023.

He said: “There was a time we had a press conference and said what our brother could not do for us in six years, Buhari has done under four years. Before Buhari came, one lane of the Enugu Port Harcourt road was almost covered with grasses.  If you go there today, you will discover that the dual carriage way is being worked on.  The one that shocked me is the Owerri Aba express road. 

“In terms of infrastructure, we are witnessing what he thinks about the Igbo people.  So, those who think that Buhari does not like the Igbo people are scared because these are the treasury looters.  Buhari is a man who has the love of the country at heart and that is why we are doing everything to make sure he comes back.”

On whether he believes that leaders of the ignorant, who endorsed the candidacy of the PDP candidate are trying to sabotage an Igbo presidency, he said, “that is why I called them saboteurs because most of them have already taken sides and I was the one that manufactured the word saboteur.

“The Igbos are trying to copy the Southwest who got the attention of Nigerians because they put their house in order when they voted for UPN enmasse. Now that we are trying to move enmasse into the APC, you can see governors who we call saboteurs trying to team up to make sure that the dream of the Igboman in 2023 does not come to light. That is why I label them saboteurs.





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