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2019: Signing Electoral Bill Will Create Confusion – Sen. Ayogu Eze



All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate for Enugu State, Senator Ayogu Eze has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s refusal to sign the recently passed electoral bill was in the interest of the nation as it would have created confusion in the country’s legal system.

Senator Eze who currently represents Enugu North constituency in the Senate added that whatever the current bill sought to achieve, had already been addressed in other areas either administratively or legally.

Speaking to journalists at the APC national secretariat in Abuja on Thursday, the senator while voicing his support for the President Buhari’s action, stressed that he was shocked that some persons had even expected the law to take effect from the 2019 general elections.

He said: “I am totally in support of President Buhari on his refusal to sign the electoral bill because signing the law and keeping it in the locker could create a lot of confusion because after every elections, there will always be litigations going by the Nigerian standard and you will never know who will go out and pull out a law that is not in operation and then begin to site it and create confusion in our legal system.

“For the avoidance of doubt, nobody would have even expected that the law would have governed the 2019 elections because by the time it must have passed, the electoral process was already afoot. Everything had already started, political parties had already selected their candidates, the candidates had already been identified by INEC. So, you cannot change the rule of the game while it is in progress. You cannot be playing football and in the middle of the game, you just stop it and change the rules of the game. That is what has exactly happened.

“I was surprised that some Nigerians had expected that the law which was passed after the process had started was going to be applied in this election, it would been an aberration. What then are you going to tell political parties that have already selected their candidates? Then, provisions of the constitution which the electoral act is subservient specifies the number of days the process of electing candidates must commence and that process has already commenced.

While stating that no one should have expected the immediate implementation of the law starting with bthe 2019 elections, he said: “It would be hypocritical for anybody to think that that particular electoral act will apply to this election.

“Well, some of the issues they have tried to address were already addressed in several other areas either administratively of legally. INEC has already been using the card reader, which was one of the things that law was meant to capture.”






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