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Power Is Not To Be Given Or Taken – US Ambassador



The US Ambassador to Nigeria, William Stuart Symington, has said power is not to be given or taken, but something rather made and shared.

This is even as he stated that literally, there is no power without sharing as it cannot light another

The Ambassador stated this in his presentation at the closing ceremony of the convergence in Abuja, yesterday.

The convergence was a gathering of 400 young political candidates drawn from 91 political parties who had converged in Abuja to advocate for greater representation and credible 2019 elections.

According to Mr Symington “There is a growing discussion about lifting people out of poverty, I have never seen anyone lift someone out of poverty, the only way that happens is to take the decision and rise out of poverty”

“I also think by the way, on the issue of power, it is not about giving power, it is not also about taking power. Power is about something that you make and share”

The Ambassador who said his greatest care was the partnership between the US and Nigeria for all time, said the greatest challenge in the world is how to help young people find their way”.

“The challenge is not just to get elected, the challenge now is for the class of 2019 to change the democracy of Nigeria forever. And here is how you do it, together. This nation needs all your lives and all your priorities to come together”.

He noted that the minimum essential for a leader is not to have someone him/her, as that can be done with the use of force, the minimum essential for a leader is to have someone follow you by choice.

Speaking to the youths, he said “I got bad news for you all, you won’t all win elections the first time, neither did Abraham Lincoln, neither did President Buhari, but you have all taken a step that you would never take back. You have come together, this is the class of 2019, you have it in your power to keep the relationships you broke this day alive, to help each other and then help the nation.”


“No woman or man can keep another life safe for long, without keeping their own lives safe, so think of your own campaigns”.


He added that “Any candidate who thinks that they win the day that they gain the most votes is probably not a leader who will be remembered in history.”




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