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Yoruba Youths Chide Police Over Comment On Having Sex In Car



The Yoruba Youth Social-cultural Association (YYSA) has scolded the Nigeria Police over comments that having sex in a car is not unlawful, saying though it may be lawful but it is culturally immoral.

Apparently reacting to the Nigeria Police that having sex in a car was not a crime, the association’s secretary, Olawale Ajao in a statement on Wednesday said if the people involved were above 18 years, it was immoral.

“The Nigerian Police Force may be right with its affirmation that having sex in a car not a crime provided it is not done in a religious institution premises or by same sex.

“If the people in question are not below 18years and if indeed consensual but the fact is that it is culturally immoral.

“In Africa, what distinguished us from people from other continents is our extremely rich cultural value”, it said.

According to the youth, mannerism in terms value of secrecy, carrying out sexual activities without exposing yourselves to under aged children and general public.

“Permitting adults to be having sex in a car or public places will never do our society any good but harm”, it added.

The youth argued that people must consider the little children that might be passing by when such sexual intercourse was going on.

While noting that Nigerians were so abusive when given that kind of privilege, it added that it could be counter -productive as people are likely to their vehicles into sex joints.





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