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My Minister Of Youths Will Be Less Than 30 Years – Atiku



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar on Monday said his presidential ambition is driven by his passion to reposition Nigerian youths as future leaders of the country.

Atiku who spoke at a Youth Town Hall Meeting organized by the Party in Lagos disclosed that 40 percent of his government will be populated by the youths, adding that his Minister Of youth will be less than 30 years old if elected in 2019 elections.

He said the gesture will be made because the youths are the future of this country and tomorrow’s leaders.

“40 percent of my government will be youth. It is a promise. I will not break it. My Minister Of youth will be less than 30 years.  If you are less than 30 years, you can bring your CV. This is simply because the youths are the future of this country. We will build a good future for the country.

Explaining how he intends to create jobs for the youths, Abubakar said he will create jobs by lowering tax rates and industrial tariffs for the private sector as it is practised in most industrialized countries.

“In most industrialized countries, it is the private sector that create jobs. How do they do that? They lower tax rate.

“If you issue lower tax rates to most companies, they will create jobs. These are the types of incentives you offer the private sector so that they will be able to create jobs.

“Lower industrial tariff rates, they will create the jobs for your country and the youths will be liberated. That is why I got a first class VP” Atiku said.

“I know about creating jobs. Our President said the economy has Pafuka. Do you know that in this government, there is no Economist.

“They don’t even know how to manage the economy. If the economy is good, we all prosper. If the economy is bad, we all perish” Abubakar said.

Also speaking, the party’s Vice-President, Dr. Peter Obi described Federal Government’s programme trader-moni as vote-buying, thereby charging the Nigerian youths not to vote for Buhari again.

“They are giving market traders 10,000 Naira for purpose of their business. I don’t know anywhere in the world that such exist.

“It is called vote-buying. If you go to anywhere in the world, such is non-existent. The country is experiencing a lot of hardship every day and we continue this way.

“The President said he can no longer run the country because the economy is collapsing.

“Nigerian youths, I want you not to vote Buhari again so that you won’t continue this suffering for another four years ,”Obi said.

He assured that Atiku’s administration will invest in education as opposed by the current administration.

“Your country today is not investing in education. The more educated a nation is, the better the country. Atiku’s government will invest in education.” he said.

The Chairman, People’s Democratic Party, Prince Uche Secondus said that President Buhari does not take responsibility for saying that the youths are lazy, and for being unaware that the country is under bondage.

“General Buhari does not take responsibility and that is why he said Nigerian youths are lazy.

“But I am here to say that you are strong, energetic, innovative, industrious and hardworking. As of now, Nigeria is under bondage because the cabals are the ones ruling. The President is unaware that people are being killed from Zamfara to Benue.

“The President is not aware that people are suffering. He is not aware that a bag of rice in 2015 is now 18,000 Naira” Secondus said.






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