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Fashion and Style

Fashion Means Expressing My Identity – Tomiwa



Saad Nafisat Tomiwa, is a graduate of Arts and performing Arts from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. But her love for entrepreneurship has driven her into multipurpose businesses. In this interview with Stellamaries Amuwa, she talks about her journey so far.

How it all started?

Actually, as a jack of all trades and master of all, friends and families would say I am a queen with so many talents. I dance, sing and act, though I do more of acting, all these are actually in built. I studied Arts and Performing Arts at the Amadu Bello University Zaira. I have featured in some movies and series but professionally, I am a make-up and bridal hairstyle artiste. That is how I became a queen with so many talents.


What has been your inspiration?

The thought of having to depend on others makes me want to try to do it myself. I believe others doing well started from somewhere and I can do better than them because I am a goal getter. It has been my love for Arts that drives me to act, sing and dance, while my fashion sense led me to modeling and hairstyling.


 What has been your challenges so far?

I will be lying if I said there hasn’t been any challenge. There are lots of people who do what I do out there and it makes it very competitive. Plus the fact that I am still upcoming makes it difficult, but with God by my side, I will get there.


Would you say it has been worthwhile?

The journey so far has been worthwhile. I have had so many experiences and I’m glad I had them. I keep learning every day and I won’t stop learning because even life itself is a lesson.


 What does fashion and style mean to you?

Fashion to me is expressing my identity, showing people who you are with what you wear. In one word, fashion is me and I am fashion.


What genre of music do you listen to and why?

I love R&B and hip pop, both foreign and local anyway. The lyrics most times send messages to me and I get inspired by them. When it’s party time, I move my body to the extreme and this can only be achieved with hip pop music.


What is your advice to young Nigerians?

Nigerian youths should lay their hands on whatever they can do rather than depend on people for their needs.


Where is your favourite tourist destination?

Obangogo tourist resort in Kabba, Kogi State. It’s a place you will always want to be, simply because of nature.


What is your favourite meal?

My favorite food is swallow and draw soup, preferably Amala and gbegiri and ewedu.


Tell us about your beauty routine?

I drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and use glowing oil. In one sentence; I eat healthy and I live healthy.

 How do you unwind?


Like I said earlier, I love to party, a lot. So I do that to unwind. I also hang out with friends and love to explore.


Tell us about your family

I am from Masanawa local government area of Katsina State but my mum is from Kogi State. I am more Kogi because I grew up and lived almost all my life there. I see myself more as a Kogi queen than one from Katsina. I am from a polygamous home, my lovely mum has three of us, and I happen to be the last. I have a brother and a sister.


What was your most memorable moment while growing up?

I had lots of memories growing up but the most memorable of them all was winning a competition organised by different companies; Coca-Cola, Nestle etc


Where do you hope to be in the near future?

I want to be on the Forbe List, that CEO with sauce with a supportive hubby and loving kids, God helping me.




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