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PUSH Report Honours Deserving Personalities



The annual report of the People United to Save Humanity (PUSH) has honoured deserving Nigerians from all walks of life for raising the socio-economic profile of the indigent, the youths, the widows, women, adults, the infirm and the physically challenged of the society, implementing programs and projects that would ensure environmental protection and sustainability while implementing widespread reforms that has ensured efficiency and responsive service delivery to the Nigerian people.

Among those that the report cited positively and commendably include In strict alphabetical sequence; Hon. Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed, APC Adamawa Central Senatorial Candidate; Apostle Chineye … General Overseer of OPM; Dr. Marvin Barinem Dekil, Hydrocarbon Project Coordinator; Dr. Mohammed Bello Kagara, Director of Social Mobilization, UBEC; Dr. Salisu Maikasuwa, former Clerk of the National Assembly and President IEDDP.

HON. AISHATU AHMED DAHIRU, (POLITICAL AMAZON OF THE YEAR): The political terrain of Adamawa State witnessed a tsunami of sorts with the landslide victory of Hon. Aishatu Ahmed Dahiru in the APC primaries for Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone decisively dispatching an array of hapless male opponents thus cementing her awesome reputation as the reigning political amazon of the North-East geopolitical zone. Undoubtedly, one of the decisive factors that ensured Hon. Aishatu Ahmed’s electoral triumph was her impressive outing in the Federal House of Representatives (2011-2015) when she went the whole hog in providing critical dividends of democracy to her Yola North/Yola South/Girei Federal Constituency in the crucial arenas of health, education, agriculture, power, portable water, rural development, manpower development and women and youth empowerment.

A determined Hon. Aishatu Ahmed lobbied hard for key projects to be sited in her constituency under the then Millennium Development Goals (now Sustainable Development Goals) program and she was able to deliver on brand new classrooms blocks complete with VIP toilets, 500KVA transformers, health/maternity centres and hundreds of kilometers of roads. A vast majority of her gratified constituents have never forgotten her ceaseless exertions on their behalf which also included skills acquisition programs with takeoff grants for youths, widows and the indigent as well as regular payments of WAEC, NECO and JAMB forms for the teeming youths. Therefore when the crucial moment came for them to express their gratitude, they paid the formidable BINANI (her political acronym) in kind, handing her a resounding victory that rendered her male opponents clueless, hapless and running for cover. The stage is now set for Hon. Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed to emerge as the Distinguished Senator representing Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone in the 9tth National Assembly as her entire constituency have vowed to stand by her side come rain come shine, through thick and thin.

MARVIN BARINEM DEKIL, (GURU OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION/SUSTAINABILITY MOVEMENT): Dr. Marvin has hit the ground running immediately after his appointment as National Coordinator of the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) otherwise known as the Ogoni Oil Spill Cleanup Project in January 2017 by consulting and directly engaging with the affected communities, holding crucial meetings with traditional leaders, community elders, youth associations, women groups and other stakeholders alike in order to critically carry them along in this herculean task that will no doubt serve as a litmus test for the viability of environmental restoration and sustainability action plans in the future. The long neglected and acutely embittered Ogoni communities that have witnessed unprecedented brutality, harassment, maimings and mass murders by an assortment of security agencies over the past two decades that were deployed to quell their legitimate agitation for justice, equity and the right to self determination of their collective destiny were no doubt relieved by the refreshingly inclusive, broad based and grass-roots oriented approach adopted by Dr. Marvin Barinem Dekil and his dedicated team of technical experts and seasoned veterans drawn from the global and environmental sustainability movement, civil society, the legal professions and even the oil and gas sector.

The HYPREP team are critically tasked with tackling the core issues that bedevil the host communities and their interaction with the outside world including the rather overbearing Federal Government and its allies in the International oil companies (IOCs). Dr. Marvin Barinem Dekil has through painstaking consultation, deliberation and extensive interaction won the hard bitten confidence of the affected Ogoni Communities who regard him as an impartial, unbiased, honest and principled interlocutor, administrator and impassioned technocrat who is out to reverse decades of neglect, exploitation, despoliation and brutalization inflicted on them by the oil companies in collaboration with an assortment of overzealous security agencies and law enforcement formations. It has not been a smooth sail for the versatile HYPREP Coordinator as he has had to relentlessly and tenaciously outline and configure the mission of the entire Ogoni Oil spill cleanup project in such a manner as to prove beyond reasonable doubt to the long neglected communities that it is indeed a genuine, holistic and altruistic mission and not one of the numerous scams embarked upon by a desperate central government out to garner votes from a long neglected and traumatized community.

Having gained the critical support, confidence and even admiration of the host communities, an ebullient Dr. Marvin Barinem Dekil has now taken this historic assignment to the next level which involves assembling a coalition of technocrats, technicians, technologists, geologists, environmentalists, strategists and fossil fuel pollution experts who have embarked on a thorough assessment of the resources, processes and procedures needed to expeditiously conclude the cleanup project once and for all time in line with the recommendations of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) reports. Undoubtedly the fastidious Dr. Marvin has done his homework well and he has indeed received deserved commendation and accolades from a host of local and international bodies including the Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, The World Wild Life Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union, the United States and the World Climate Conference amongst Other. A conglomeration of environmentalists, climate change groups, conservation activists, international organizations as well as key Western governments have hailed the vision, erudity, lucidity, sagacity, utmost competence and unvarnished professionalism and unrivalled commitment to excellence adopted by Dr. Marvin Dekil in ensuring that the Ogoni Oil Spill Cleanup Project is taken to its logical conclusion not caring whose ox is gored in the process.


History was indeed in the making with the overwhelming nomination of Apostle Dr Chinyere as General Overseer of the year 2018 based on his incomparable missionary evangelistic, philanthropic, empowerment and humanitarian salvation activities which has uplifted the lives and souls of millions of men, women and children within Nigeria, the West African Sub-Region, Africa and the global continent as a whole.

Apostle Dr Chibuzor Chinyere Was singled out for his outstanding, all encompassing far reaching and life changing Omega Power Ministries mission which has transformed into a Worldwide congregation of the Christian faithful under the spiritual, devotional and motivational guidance and direction of Dr. Chibuzor Chinyere who has achieved the herculean feat of taking his Ministry to a zenith that deserves worthy emulation, respect and reverence. He has been able to succeed through dint of spiritual ecumenism, evangelistic prophecy, organizational acumen, painstaking hardwork, encompassing philanthropy and unraveled empathy for the distressed, the dispossessed and the disenfranchised of society. Undoubtedly Dr Chibuzor Chinyere stands out as a foremost pillar of honesty, integrity, rectitude, unflinching principle and firmness of purpose and direction whose amiability does not however suffer fools gladly for long.

Indeed, Dr. Chibuzor Chinyere is one eminent personality who can be literally taken for his words. His words as the proverbial saying goes can be taken to the bank. The spiritual avatar from Abia State is not known for careless talk or armless chatter but once he speaks, he resonates with clear authority, clarity, brevity and matchless lucidity. His golden words have positively transformed the lives of millions of his countrymen as well as expatriates and foreigners alike. The OPM has achieved worldwide fame and renown traversing the entire nooks and crannies of the globe from the United States to Latin America from the United Kingdom to South Africa and From Russia down to Australia as the multitude of the Christian faithful continue to reap bountiful rewards from Dr. Chibuzor Chinyere’s evangelical tour de force.

Also, the OPM Foundation has played a major role in raising the nations socio-economic indices by providing succor and sustenance to hundreds of thousands of citizens in the food, housing, education, health and skills acquisition sectors for the widows, the indigent, the physically challenged, the infirm, the youths and other vulnerable segments of the society.

MOHAMMED BELLO KAGARA (TECHNOCRAT OF THE YEAR): Mobilizing the youths, women, adults as well as the entire civil society behind the laudable aims and objectives of the Universal Basic Education Scheme (UBEC) is no easy hurdle given the disparities and vagaries of the Nigeria populace where over 250 languages and dialects proliferate in a population of at least 170 million people. However, Dr. Mohammed Bello Kagara, the Director of Social Mobilization of UBEC has been able to deliver where most others would have failed as a result of his utmost tenacity, patience, maturity, force of intellect and profound belief in a pan-Nigeria desiderata free of primordial loyalty or clannish permutations. As far as a detribalized Dr. Bello Kagara is concerned, the whole of Nigeria is his constituency, no more no less and he has adopted a refreshingly inclusive and accommodating leadership style that encourages all manner of opinions, thoughts and ideas no matter how dissenting or at variance with those of officialdom.

With this redoubtable disposition, Dr Bello Kagara has been able to forge a formidable coalition of the willing (to borrow a former American President’s phrase) that has been able to bring disparate segments of the Nigerian populace behind the policy imperatives of the UBEC regime, Politicians, Administrators, Teachers, Policy Makers Apparatchiks, non-governmental organizations and even the organized private sector have all had to sign up to a foresighted Dr Bello Kagara’s social mobilization paradigm which has ensured that UBEC’s image and policy thrust objectives receive the backing of those who matter or who are most likely to be affected by its implementation. As a policy maker that knows his onions, Br Bello Kagara is keenly aware that the basic education (primary and secondary) are the most important pillars on which educational achievement and excellence are anchored therefore he is always at the forefront in the propagation and advancement of UBEC programs not caring who ox is gored in the process. The sky is not the limit but just another frontier from where the highly motivated Dr Bello Kagara is keen to utilize as a launch pad for taking UBEC’s policy desiderata to the next level.

SALISU MAIKASUWA (FOUNDING FATHER OF THE NEW NATIONAL ASSEMBLY): With the inception of democratic rule in 1999 to date, the National Assembly could be said to be enjoying the longest unbroken period of legislation and administration since its creation, for a precedent shattering 17 years. While many are focused on the political arm of NASS dominated by Senators and House of Representative members with their retinue of legislative aides and assistants, it is actually the administrative arm headed by the Clerk to the National Assembly (CNA) complemented by the management and permanent staff that actually ensures the smooth and seamless functioning of the entire NASS superstructure. Historians, public policy think tanks, social affairs commentariats, legislative experts and blue chip policy apparatchiks, not to talk of the top-notch civil society punditocracy are all agreed that the new NASS started to evolve from 1999 and actually approached it’s apogee or zenith at the height of Dr. Salisu Abubakar Maikasuwa’s legendary tenure as CNA from August 2010 – August 2016. In essence, facts have emerged as to the tremendous sagacity, brevity, and erudity of Dr. Salisu Maikasuwa’s administrative blueprint for the total restructuring, re-organisation, re-invigoration and re-orientation of the NASS organogram for a more credible, transparent, efficient and responsive service delivery to the federal legislators and the Nigerian people as a whole.

To this end, the previous unwieldy structure of departments has been streamlined into five directorates namely the Corporate, Legal, Finance and Accounts, Medical and Personnel Directorates for more proactive and decisive decision making and policy implementation. A thoroughgoing Dr. Salisu Maikasuwa also revamped the pivotal committee system by weeding out malcontents and laggards from the structure and abolishing the previous arcane regime of cronyism, sectionalism, nepotism and godfatherism thus ensuring that only round pegs were ensconced in round holes. The enhanced committee system provided the technical backbone for the successful amendment of the 1999 constitution and the Electoral Act which led to the successful conduct of the 2011 and 2015 general elections. The Ciroman Keffi’s abiding faith in legality and due process was evident in his determination at ensuring the successful passage of the National Assembly Service Commission Act, a crucial provision being that a serving CNA could not be removed before the end of his tenure without the affirmation of a simple majority of both chambers of the National Assembly. Establishment of a state of the art ICT centre/department with internet signals almost all over the NASS complex and a widely acclaimed Nigerian Institute of Legislative Studies is another hall mark of Dr. Salisu Maikasuwa’s bureaucratic foresight and vigour.

Other crucial infrastructural exploits of the Keffi-born technocratic colossus includes equipping committee rooms and offices with standard facilities, provision of state of the art dental equipment and laboratory, embarking on a housing scheme in conjunction with PASAN, provision of 8 coaster buses to ease transportation challenges of staff, encouraging and facilitating training and re-training programs of NASS staff within and outside the country and encouraging the department of pharmaceutical services to produce a special balm for physiotherapy among other creative innovations. Staff morale and productivity rose to optimum levels due to the fact that excellence, professionalism, competence and exemplary performance were highly encouraged and promptly rewarded as part of the policy desiderata of Dr. Salisu Maikasuwa’s administrative paradigm.

Appointments, postings, promotions followed the rigorous imprimatur of due process, transparency and accountability. As a necessary adjunct, staff salaries and allowances were paid as and when due while contracts, procurements, requalification and tenders followed the uncompromising diktat of the extant provisions of the Public Procurement Act. As far as the unwavering and principled Dr. Salisu Maikasuwa was concerned, only hard work, merit, competence, efficiency, consistent capacity development and superlative performance can guarantee rapid career advancement in NASS and not any affiliation or connection with any power broker or ‘powers that be’ in the nation’s power precincts.






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