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There Is Beauty In Diversity – Mirabell



Ifeanyichukwu Mirabell Chisom is the crowned North East Indigenous Queen. In this interview with Stellamaries Amuwa, the new queen who admits that the feeling is definitely out of this world, speaks on her conviction that there is beauty in diversity.


Who are the organisers of the beauty pageant?

The organisers are the Clint Fashion Entertainment. The pageant was stressful, though I contested for face of Maryland in Lagos in 2016 and I was the first runner up. The training I got during the first contest in Lagos was not as intense as the one I got for this contest. Here we had to wake up very early and I got to learn so very much. It was a good experience especially the part where I had to meet new people. I was able to cope with and tolerate their temperaments.

What were the stages you went through before you emerged the Northeast indigenous queen?

The first stage was the registration. I registered online because I was in school so I couldn’t come to register. Then I went for the audition. When it got to the voting stage I had to quickly download Facebook though I’m not a Facebook fan.  I also had to go beg people on the street, in my mother’s shop, in the saloon, everywhere I go I used the opportunity to convince the people to vote for me.

Then the camp stage, the presentation stage and I became tensed up because that was actually my first time speaking in front of judges but I did well and after that was the event itself and I emerged Miss Indigenous Nigeria Northeast, I represented Borno State. It was a new one for me as an Ibo girl representing a Northern region but there is beauty in our diversity. I am happy I represented them well and won the crown.

How many of you contested for the pageant?

Before we got to the camp we were 47, most people did not get through the voting stage, so we were reduced to 20 then from 20 to 15 from 15 emerged 11 queens. There were zonal queens, then the African, Heritage, international and culture queens. I was crowned the North East Indigenous Queen, the girl that represented Anambra State got the Indigenous International Queen, and there is also Miss Indigenous Nigeria that won the overall queen, she was given a car.

What are you doing presently?

I am a student, I school in Ecole de Superiver Managemente University (ESM), Cotonou, Benin Republic.  I am studying International Relations. I also model.

Tell us a bit about your family

I am from Orlu local government area of Imo State. I am the first child, I have a sister and a brother. My dad is based in America while my mum is based in Lagos, and she is my best friend. I tell her everything even about my relationship. I am not an outgoing person.

What genre of music do you listen to and why?

I don’t have a preference as long as it passes a message.

What does fashion and style mean to you?

Fashion means everything to me, although I don’t believe you must wear designers but I know fashion is a combination that suites very well. Most people feel if you do not wear designers then you are not well dress. I wear clothes that are suitable for my curves.

What is your beauty routine?

I use natural beauty products, I don’t use any toning cream because I hate to see reactions on my skin.

Where is your best tourist location?

This is my first visit to Abuja, all along it has been Lagos, and Benin Republic but as it is now I have fallen in love with Abuja and I pray to serve here during my youth service year and probably relocate to Abuja. The city is serene.

What is your advice to young Nigerians?

I was overweight few years ago, then when I watch the television and see young people catwalk I tell my mum that I want to be like them. But she will tell me that I cannot be like them with this kind of shape and fat. I felt so bad about my weight at the time. I love food, I eat a lot of junk so I made up my mind to achieve what I wanted. I had to stop eating junk food and I began to eat healthy and exercise. I contested for the queen of my school and since then, I took control of what I want to look like.

So my advice for the younger generation is; you can be what you want to be, just work towards your desire, believe in yourself and achieve your goals. Do not give your body in exchange for anything, have a focus and you will achieve your dreams.

What are your future drives?

I want to be a human rights activist; I want to give voice to the voiceless. Some people just derive joy in killing other peoples joy especially when they see your shine they want to stop you at all cost. It’s not fair. I want to always stand and fight for injustice. I love helping others, though I barely have people helping me but I love the smile whenever I find myself giving a little helping hand.